1. H

    HELP SPRINTER V6 Dropping Boost

    My 2007 Sprinter V6 is losing boost it changes up through auto box and when in top gear say on an incline and you put foot down it will get boost pressure then all of a sudden loses power basicaly no boost again until it is over 3000rpm just no go about it if I stop engine and restart it is...
  2. P

    W212 estate rear suspension dropping

    My 2012 estate drops in about 30 minutes to the bump stops at the NSR, OS is fine. When I start the car it raises back up in about 30 seconds. I thought it would be the air spring, so I removed it but there isn't an obvious leak when i inflate it off the car using an airline. Also there...
  3. M

    Dropping tyre size E Class W212.

    Hello, I have a 2015 W212 E220 AMG Sport The Tyres currently on it are 245/40R18 Y 97 Front tyre (8.5J) 265/35R18 Y 97 Rear tyre (9.0J) I have purchased some new wheels and it has got nearly new tyres on it. Front and Rear wheels are 8.5J ET 50. The tyres are 235/40R18 all...
  4. bh13coupe

    M104 Starts then falters when dropping to idle

    Hi Guys I have some serious issues with my M104 maintaining tickover. I can get the car started no problems and the car goes to the immediate higher RPM (approx 1100 RPM). What I am experiencing next is the RPM then drops down to tickover 600RPM as normal and then the car conks out. It...
  5. T

    Headrest Not Dropping

    I'm looking for some help with my S320 saloon. The rear headrests are raised manually and should drop when a button on the centre console is pressed. Up to now it has worked, somewhat intermittently, now the won't drop at all. Pressing the button results in a quiet click from somewhere near...
  6. E

    '94 R129 electric windows not dropping

    Now that the running issues are sorted , time to get on with the rest; there's still plenty to do! The frameless windows on the SL 500 should drop slightly when the respective door is opened, then rise again when it is shut to re-seal. Neither of them does on my car. Other than that, they work...
  7. AMR 777T

    W221 s500 dropping to the ground

    Bought a W221 S500 AMG Sport Pack on 5th February. Up until now (16th Feb) possibly the WORST CAR i've ever bought. Kicking myself for getting rid of my beloved 7 Series, virtually poured my blood, sweat and tears in to that. :wallbash: Sorry to any hardcore Mercedes enthusiast. I'm sure this...
  8. F

    Auto dropping out of gear !

    I have owned my Merc clk 240 (2004 W209) for 4 months. During this time I have found myself in the following position...whilst driving the car has lost gear. There is no shudder or jump just nothing on the accelerator. The car still shows as being in D (drive), it won't 'knock' up or down back...
  9. S

    car dropping out of gear going along

    hopefully someone can help me out i drive a clk320 auto 2001,sometimes while going along the road or at stand still, the car seems to lose gear like its in neutral just revs even though its still in d mode it cures its self if i switch off and restart could it be the maf at all car has done...
  10. S

    MB dropping V6 Petrol & diesels in next e-class

    Note text near bottom of this article where MB are reportedly replacing the V6 diesels and petrol engines for straight sixes... Next Mercedes-Benz GLK spotted ahead of 2015 launch | Autocar
  11. 24karrat

    560 SEL 1989 oil pressure dropping issue

    So i got round to M.O.T & taxing my 560 SEL 1989, 2nd time i started it up the oil pressure went to 2 then dropped to 1.5 then goes up to 2 when my foots down then go back to 1.5 then occasionally goes to 3, any ideas what may be causing it? FYI- to pass MOT it only needed ball joint dust...
  12. S

    NTG 2.5 Freezes / dropping calls / unresponsive

    Hi, looking for advice on how to proceed, or who / how to contact Mercedes .. I have been having problems with the Comand unit dropping Bluetooth calls, and locking up so that it will not play music from CD, DVD, SD card, Music Register - but the radio works. Switching the ignition off/on...
  13. S

    Why does my TV tuner keep dropping out

    Hi, I've started using my TV tuner for playing audio via the AV1 input. The car is a S320 - W220 model 2001 with D2B bus for the Comand 2.5 system. Factory fitted TV tuner in boot. However, the TV tuner has an annoying habit of cutting in and out. Please see a short video of the fault...
  14. Londonscottish

    W211 COMAND - audio keeps dropping

    Had the 211 in for a much-needed four wheel alignment/wheel balance earlier and with all the starting, stopping and shuffling around the forecourt the battery lost so much charge I couldn't turn the engine over fast enough to fire it up. The fitters connected up a booster to the terminal...
  15. N

    Water dropping

    Hi Guys I have a 2005 220CDI saloon with an annoying problem and it is when I pull away from the drive after being there overnight I am loosing a lot of water from underneath the car when I first pull away,the misses noticed it. I am just curios as to where it might be collecting I was given...
  16. 1

    52 plate vito rear dropping

    hi all im new to the world of mercedes haveing reclently bought a 52 plate vito travleliner, i never relised it has air suspion on rear its dropping on rhs whats best way to find leak ? and is it normal for the air cromprossor to start up with the ingition off and locked
  17. F

    Rear suspension dropping

    Hi. New user of site. I have 320 w211 CDI 2004. Serious issue with the rear suspension dropping down periodically. Have had new rear ride sensor and new pump fitted. Still the problem persists. There are no air leaks. It's been on star and all shows ok. Two issues: if there are no air leaks...
  18. E

    Passenger side headlight keeps dropping

    Hi all, This is my first post on here so please be gentle... I drive a 2007 W209 CLK Sport and now the nights are closing in it seems a good time to get my headlight problem sorted. Basically for the last 6 or 9 months (cant remember exactly but its a long time) whenever I've been...
  19. N

    Climate control dropping out

    Just a quick one guys. 2005 220 CDI Advantguard,I keep my climate control on 24/7 but in the last couple of days it will stop working so I have to press the control button and it starts again. It has just had a new compressor 600 miles since fitting,any ideas with no star fault codes showing...
  20. aheadlam-2012

    Windows keep dropping ?

    My windows keep dropping when I get out the car as they should but when I shut the door and lock the car the windows don't go back up that inch or so they should ? What causes this, and is it an easy fix ?
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