1. V

    Camber/caster out and where to fix it in Dublin area

    Hi guys 1st post here, hello. I´m experiencing the well known exaggerated pulling left in a used 2003 CLK I bought 3 months ago and I don´t know where to find help. Im in Dublin area. wheel aligment is out of range for caster camber currently in front left wheel. I visited several...
  2. W

    Buying a car from Dublin?

    It's on UK plates. Seller has/had quite a few interesting cars/nice house. He's English, with family in the North - his wife is from Ireland. I'm not all the familiar with the Eire vehicle regs but don't they have expensive taxation for large CC/Co2 vehicles? He's owned it about a year...
  3. T

    Advice in Idies in Dublin - Ireland

    Hi there, Have found this forum a great source of information, there is a massive amount of information and good amount of contributors with a lot of knowledge and experience. I'm based in Dublin and am wondering how many other forum members are based in Ireland and use independents, the...
  4. I

    Hello from Dublin.

    Hello Everyone! Been lurking behind here for the past while learning loads and you've got a lovely site - so well done to all involved. I've just bought a 1987 Mercedes 250 Manual with 100,000 miles, although it hasn't ran for nine years should be fun getting it back on the road but I'm...
  5. S

    Hello from Dublin

    Hello All, Just like to give an intro...always with style when in a merc....:thumb: lol Ive a huge interest in Mercedes, I own two. A Hefty W140 300SE, with blacked out windows..to scare the neighbours into thinking im a gangster:D..and a W202 200K as my everyday driver...which is more...
  6. P

    Ireland Dublin

    Hi lads is there any one on the site that lives in Dublin that can put me onto a good merc man :cool:
  7. Spinal

    Indian Embassy in Dublin, Ireland

    I'm starting to panic... As some of you know, I'm heading to India soon... what you may not know, is that the young lady I was due to travel with doesn't have a visa yet. She applied (by mail) to the embassy in Dublin about 2 months ago, and hasn't heard back since. She tries calling on a...
  8. timskemp

    Dublin / Cork

    I'm working in Dublin and Cork for the next week, anyone want to say hi and have a coke / wine / small beer???
  9. shanel23

    MB Servicing in Dublin

    Anyone on the forum recommend a good place in Dublin to get my w211 serviced - It's over 3 years old and am looking for options other than the main dealers - last service ( B ) was just over 1000€ .....
  10. A

    Advice on insuring UK reg'd car in ROI (Dublin)

    Hi, my brother has just accepted a job in Dublin, initially it's for a period of 6 months but is likely to become permanent. Now onto his problem, he'd like to take his Porsche Boxster out there but is finiding it difficult for anyone to insure it beyond 180 days. Most insurance polices do...
  11. pammy

    Dublin - where to stay?

    Looking at the possibility of going to Dublin for a weekend - two couples - their 40th and 50th's this year so want a weekend break. Know nothing about Dublin other than it's in Ireland :D so where does one stay - which area etc? Can get cheap flights from Doncaster Airport - but have no idea...
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