1. D

    w124 ce Duck tail badge or no badge?

    So, duck tail fitted but I can't decide if I want badges or no badges. Whats the panels view?
  2. D

    w124 duck tail spoiler fitment and badge

    I have added a genuine duck tail spoiler to portfolio of bits. So, once painted, whats the best method of attachment and second ly whst the cirrect size mercedes badge it neefs in the middle? I dont want any other badges than the middle one. Cheers Scott. Ps: only bit to find is the front...
  3. D

    W124 AMG duck tail spoiler on ebay

    This looks spot on. Starting at £250. 221173762600 Scott
  4. whitenemesis


    High Flying Mentos Mix
  5. BillyW124

    MERCEDES W124 Duck Tail

  6. LowMilerAMG

    C124 AMG Duck Tail

    Just wondered if the AMG Duck Tail for the coupe version of the W124 will fit the facelift post 94 coupes? The reason I ask is that in the AMG brochures of that period the Duck Tail is never fitted. I know from pictures that Akash E36 coupe had one fitted so I'm not too sure.:dk: Anyone...
  7. LowMilerAMG

    Amg duck tail

    Just a quick question for you guys that may know, was there ever bolts on the ends of the centre section of a W124 Duck Tail. I've fitted one to my W201 and that was a case of just bonding it to the bootlid, should this be the same for the W124?:dk: The bolts come through at the very edge of the...
  8. corned


    Found this ages ago on YT, but still raises my eyebrows. Talk about wrong place at the wrong time. YVwlodvWh7w
  9. Druk


    Watched that clip of the guy catching ducklings jumping from a canopy. She says to me..........."how did they get up there in the first place"? Erm?:crazy: Should I be going on holiday with this woman?:wallbash: .
  10. janner

    W124 coupe duck tail spoiler American e-bay and shipping from Hong Kong though.
  11. PJH

    Daffy Duck goes skydiving

    Do try not to spend all day playing this... Daffy Skydiving
  12. Howard

    Update on Dave (Davina) the Duck for John

    Well, today was the day....... We opened up Davinas run and let her off into the big wide world, she came out and looked a bit disorientated and wandered about the front lawn all afternoon trying her wings and eating the plants and grass.... when i left at 2.30pm she was still on the front grass...
  13. Howard

    Update on Dave the Duck for John

    Ok, Dave is now nearly a month old ...... :bannana: We have built him a run on the front lawn and a plywood hutch that he goes in at night...he is eating about a half an iceberg lettuce a day. He has just started to preen and to swim in the washing up bowl that we have for him. He is...
  14. mark.t

    slow duck

    Just collected my mum and dad from a week at Blackpool..(told them if they didn't behave they'd have 2 next time)...well driving along the M55 minding my own, right in front of me walking right across the motorway is mother duck followed by 7 or 8 little baby ducklings :eek: and everyone trying...
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