1. DanMorgan

    Thought on this W124 Ducktail Spoiler

    I'm finding it very hard to source a ducktail spoiler in the UK, so I had a look to see what the germans had for offer. This guy said he will do 210 euros shipped, what are your thoughts? Spoiler AMG W124 Coupe/Cabrio Neuuu | eBay
  2. SG1

    W124 Ducktail Spolier

    As above, I'm after a W124 AMG ducktail spoiler if anyone has one or knows of one. Thanks
  3. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE FOR SALE W124 AMG ducktail spoiler 3 piece one but i dont have the corner pieces as i bought it like this for my project Very rare!!!!! Pickup available from se1 southeast london Condition is good just has primer on. Selling as i have got rid of my...
  4. DanMorgan

    R129 Ducktail

    Unfortunately, due to the car need a new OVP relay and MAS, I need to sell the ducktail to make way for some funds, otherwise the car will be of the road for a while (poor student). I recently bought a ducktail spoiler from eBay: MERCEDES BENZ 1990-2001 R129 SL CLASS SL280 SL300 3-PCS REAR...
  5. DanMorgan

    R129 Ducktail Spoiler + Rear Lights

    Hi All, Looking for a ducktail spoiler and facelift rear lights for the R129 SL, I lights are on the R129 from 1998+ (I think) Thanks Dan
  6. DanMorgan

    W124 Ducktail Spoiler/SideSkirts/Bumper CE

    Hey, Basically want the AMG of above^^ Feel free to text 07415049382 and will buy :cool:
  7. DanMorgan

    Ducktail spoiler coupe

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone has bought from this seller before? Been looking for a ducktail spoiler for some time now, and he makes them and is the cheapest by far, however from Poland Mercedes W124 Coupe/cabrio Spoiler AMG Ducktail | eBay
  8. 300CE

    W124 AMG ducktail spoiler HWA1247900888 HWA1247900788 Genuine Original Official

    Would have come in handy for the person who bought that Merc the other week with the spoiler ends that were missing, although one requires a repair: W124 AMG ducktail spoiler HWA1247900888 HWA1247900788 Genuine Original Official | eBay
  9. d w124

    R129 ducktail

    Replica but it might do mercedes amg r129 boot spoiler | eBay
  10. LowMilerAMG

    W124 Ducktail For Saloon

    On an iPhone so can't copy link, but this is the item no if somebody can 110848994990 . These seem to be getting harder to source nowadays so may well be worth it to somebody .
  11. A

    W124 Ducktail Spoiler

    W124 Ducktail Spoiler: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Andy
  12. swannymere

    W124 w/EVO 2's & Ducktail

    Not sure if they're original and in good condition but surely worth it to break for the wheels, spoiler and interior? W124
  13. biturbo

    r129 AMG Ducktail

    Hi, I am looking for a AMG ducktail . PM me if you know of one.
  14. Doodle

    R129 AMG Ducktail

    It's even the right colour for my car... Genuine AMG R129 SL Ducktail, Boot, Trunk Spoiler NLA | eBay UK
  15. mercedescl500

    Genuine AMG Ducktail Never fitted

    Very rare indeed, genuine R129 AMG Ductail. Complete and genuine !! linky Genuine 3 Piece AMG R129 Ducktail Spoiler. NLA from MB on eBay (end time 30-Nov-10 18:50:26 GMT) :thumb::thumb:
  16. d w124

    w201 Ducktail

    Mercedes W201 190 AMG Ducktail Rear Spoiler RARE on eBay (end time 20-Aug-10 13:10:06 BST)
  17. T

    Amg ducktail

    I thought this may be of interest to someone. Mercedes w124 bootlid with 3 part AMG duck tail spolier on eBay (end time 06-Jul-10 07:15:32 BST)
  18. d w124

    Ducktail for w124ce

    Mercedes w124 bootlid with 3 part AMG duck tail spolier on eBay (end time 21-Jun-10 06:47:46 BST)
  19. P

    W124 AMG CE 3 piece Ducktail

    Found out it won't fit on the 4 door, thought I'd put it up on here before ebay. £300 Collection from Surrey ideally, but can post.
  20. EDZ649

    W124 Ducktail AMG boot spoilers

    Not sure if these are genuine or not but seems to have the HWA prefix to the part no. Mercedes w124 4 Door AMG StyleTrunk Spoiler 3 pcs E220 : eBay Motors (item 370336795924 end time Mar-19-10 02:13:30 PDT) Add says they have the rest of the kits available too!:)
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