1. KillerHERTZ

    Duct Tape - Go Faster Stripes

    To lighten all the doom and gloom around, take a look at this which I have spotted down the road from me:
  2. AndrewOl

    W164 Ventilation Duct

    Hi, I'm looking for the piece of duct work that sits above the battery under the drivers seat. This looks like it directs air from the transmission tunnel ducting onto the rear passenger feet area. Trying Ebay and breakers but no joy yet. Cheers Andy
  3. J

    W209 Passenger Footwell Wiring Duct

    Hi Before I attack the car with a blunt instrument - any pointers to accessing the wiring duct in the passenger foot well - I want to get at the intermediate connector to install aux audio Thanks in advance John
  4. hercules

    w164 air duct wheel illumination

    On my first w203 avantgard 2002 I had air vent wheel illumination, on my next W203 Sport edition 2006 there was not wheel illumination. On my recent W164 ,I do have the option 876 and according to WIS it should have vent wheel illumination, but I checked and there is no wiring at all for it ...
  5. P

    Air duct under seat removal difficulties. help!

    I need to remove the rear carpet flooring in my w203 c-class mercedes. However in order to do so, I need to previously remove the air ducts under the seats. I tried a few times but they don't seem to move at all out of their position. How can I do this? Am I missing something? kind regards I...
  6. McGreggor

    W202 Air Duct Whistling

    On the drivers side air-vent, I can hear a strangle whistling noise from inside the duct. It is linked to the fan, but im unsure if perhaps its a leaf in there or if the bearing has gone in the fan? I hope if right in saying there is a fan in there somewhere to the right of the steering wheel...
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