1. stwat

    Duff brain

    I went to test a battery with my circuit tester. Switched it on to see a blank screen. I'll have to test the battery with my circuit tester thought I for a split second,,,! :doh: have you had any similar brain freezes?
  2. alan1304

    W202 C180, Duff Starter or something else?

    Hi all. New poster, long time reader. ( Excellent forum by the way I've learnt a lot from you guys. );) My problem is this.... a few weeks ago my W202 C180 started making the most awful noise when trying to start, Solenoid clicking rapidly and also a metallic "Clanging " but it would start...
  3. C

    Duff rev counter W124 / E300d

    Rev counter on my W124 E300 does not move. What are the common faults - and fix options Thanks Hugh
  4. T

    Instrument Cluster Bulb duff

    Hi to all. Done a search on this subject but, couldn't find anything for a 203. The RHS of the ASSYST display blinks and after a while goes dark. Took it to Indy who removed Instrument panel and removed rear plastic cover was surprised to see that there were no bulb holders on back of panel...
  5. NormanB

    Duff Network Card

    I have a home network with 4 PCs hard wired via a router and Cat 5 a couple of laptops, the Wii and an Archos connecting via wireless. Each time my missus puts her PC on it drags the network down and the network icon in her sys tray calls 'unplugged network cable' every 20 seconds or so. If I...
  6. D

    W202 Aircon Duff

    Hi All, Does anybody know at what ambient air temperature the A/C is supposed to start working at? Although the outside temperatures aren't that warm at the moment (12 - 14c), I'm pretty sure that the A/C should work anyway. I've read on other threads that the compressor should run all the...
  7. W

    Duff cup holder

    I've just purchased one of those squiffy cup holders for my W202. The one that folds out of the centre console. As a piece of clever design it's brilliant. As a cup holder it's crap. My car cup wobbles about so much I daren't move the car with it in place in case it pours the contents of the...
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