1. Vintage Racer

    Dull paint on a R129 - 744 Brilliant Silver

    Hi Guy's, Just been to view a SL320 (R129) in Brilliant Silver, but the paintwork looks a bit dull. I'm new to all this, but is their a way to restore its shine? Would a simple t-cut bring it back, or as it's metallic do I need to look at other options. Any help/advise would be much...
  2. A

    dull plastic headlights

    Hello fellow members, I have a clk270cdi 55 plate. the headlight cover have gone really dull & i want to bring them back to something like they used to be. I have read that you can polish the headlight covers & thanybody have any advice ey will come back as new. Does on this please ?
  3. sherco450

    dull performance with larger wheels

    shopping around the moment for a E320 w211 and are surprised on the dull performance testing various vehicles with 17 " 18 and 19' wheel /tyre combo... l couldn't imagine how the car would drive with 20" ..is it really worth the larger wheel or do you need 500hp to propel a car with anything...
  4. N

    Dull / faded door handles on W126

    I'm finding the door handles on my W126 are getting quite faded. I have tried various products but none of them seem to last very long. Can anyone recommend a way to restore them a bit?
  5. D

    Dull headlight lenses

    My dad has a 2001 E-Class and headlight lenses are really dull; doe's anybody know a trick to brighten them up?:dk:
  6. U

    Dull CLK Headlights (Cleaning help)

    Was looking at my headlight on the clk the other day and thought the main headlight plastic casing looks a little dull and not nice and smooth as they did before :( hope that explains it ok. Is there any cleaning tips or thing i could do to make them look better? Thanks :)
  7. R

    Dull thud noise... any ideas???

    Ive noticed in the past few days that i am occasionally getting a dull thud noise coming from the rear of the vehicle, it only happens sometimes and is when i go over a bump in the road. It appears it may come from the rear offside area however i am unsure of this. Any ideas what it could be...
  8. DSLiverpool

    My Bumpers are a bit dull- advice

    My Bumpers are a bit dull- advice please Now I am mechanically sound the bumpers are duller than the steel bits which has puzzled me and I need to ask (Black / Green Met) A, They were always duller paint tech wasnt as good as it is now ?!? B, They age disproportionately to the rest of the...
  9. Gucci

    Dull thread alert: Cooker hood electrics

    Yes, I know, but let's get it out of the way... The good lady has bought a basic cooker hood. It can be wired into a 13amp plug according to the instructions - and it's only 50Watts, so not especially powerful. The cable only has a live and neutral...why doesn't it have an earth? A DIY forum...
  10. Satch

    The dull evil of officialdom

    At home today sitting in front of my air conditioning unit (have to fight with the dogs for space) catching up on paperwork including trying to get HM Revenue & Customs to respond to my five phone calls and four letters letters pointing out that they still owe me a tidy sum from 2003/4. Just...
  11. L

    SO SAABs are dull boring GM blobs eh!

    Do you guys like it?
  12. MercedesBent

    dull wood trim

    '94 C180 salloon - the wood trim looks a bit dull from light exposure. Firstly - is it wood or wood-look plastic? second - how can I bring it back up to a shine? tried furniture polish - just basic Mr Sheen stuff - to no avail tried an interior valet spray from Halfords - just gave...
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