1. IrishClaS

    Oil Dump!

    Hi all, My 2007 CLS320 has dumped a large quantity of oil on the garage floor overnight. The leak seems to towards the front of ther engine. Any particular suspect to look out for? Best wishes, Pat.
  2. A

    cdi dump valve help ?

    Can I have a boost gauge or a dump valve in my c200 cdi
  3. developer

    Capturing a screen - a screen dump

    How is this done please, and where can the captured image be stored?
  4. D

    Did ECP dump the discount code?

    Doesn't seem to work anymore......Patrick? Cheers, Dan.
  5. S

    E320 Cdi turbo dump

    Hi all, just trying to diagnose an issue with the car causing it to stop the turbo if you go into it too hard. Essentially, go too hard into the turbo, the revs stop climbing and the turbo sounds like it is dumping through the waste gate. Replaced maf, no difference, but I notice that the...
  6. C

    Dump valve

    Hello! It's possible to put a dump valve on a C200 kompressor? And what's the point of a dump valve?
  7. Gucci

    Merc to dump the A-Class?

    One for the purists.... http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/226393/
  8. Spinal

    The Garage Dump

    Well, as I try to do every couple of months, I'm trying to clean up the garage sufficiently to fit the car in (I haven't been able to do so in the last 3 years :p) As I find stuff I no longer need, I'll shove it here. PM if you want anything, some stuff is free some has a price. Everything...
  9. 9

    What's a dump valve?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I keep coming across descriptions of "dump valves", normally associated with Max Power type modded cars. I believe it's something to do with a turbo and have assumed it is on the waste gate side. Would someone please enlighten me as to what it is...
  10. S

    Dump Valve

    hi i have a CLK230 Kompressor and i want to know if i can get a dump valve fitted. I know it's a bit of a daft question but i was told by someone that coz the kompressor works in roughly the same way as a turbo that it is possible to get a small dump valve. If anyone knows anything about this...
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