1. portzy

    A bit down in the dumps :-(

    OK, it could be a long story but I will try to keep it short and in context. Some of you will know that about six years ago I put a deposit down on what was then the freshly minted SLK R171. There was about a six/nine month waiting list back then but due to finances I opted for a twelve...
  2. M

    W210 dumps oil!

    I run my '97 E300DT (606 Engine) on veg oil with a small second diesel tank for starting & stopping with. Every so often it seems to get a bit sluggish and a bit of harsh acceleration seems to clear it with an accompanying puff of smoke! Yesterday when I went to give it a quick blast through...
  3. Kinky

    Santa dumps reindeer and buys Mercedes Shock!

    [this is posted on behalf of Vito, so he takes 100% of the credit for everything here. The only piece I could possibly add is an alternative headline along the lines of "Santa in non-Silver Shocker" :D - Kinky] We finally have the proof that Santa will make it to all of us this Christmas time...
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