1. JDL60

    Dunlop Wintersport 3D MO tyres

    4 x 255/40 R18 95Y MO Winter Tyres Dunlop Wintersport 3D- used on my SL for one light winter season, barely covering 2k miles Excellent condition with 7mm tread remaining all over, no bulges, cracks or damage- superb tyre brand which I've also had on 3 different cars so I believe in them...
  2. D

    C class w204 alloys fitted with Dunlop tyres - as new condition

    I have a full set of 4 alloy wheels (Rota Battle) fitted with Dunlop winter tyres. They've only covered around 2000 miles from new so they've had very little use. I've sold my c-class now, so they're of no use to me. These were supplied by the company 'rare rims' and they are the correct fitment...
  3. bob mushroom

    Winter Wheels 17" Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D and Mercedes alloys

    Selling as do not fit my new W205. For sale are 4 original 17" Mercedes Winter Alloys and Tyres from my W204 C220 AMG Sport Plus . part numbers from original receipt are: Q44013121221E Q4401312122OE The WINTER tyres on the four wheels are as follows 225 45 17 91 H A9 4x DUNLOP...
  4. H

    Genuine Merc Allow Wheels and Dunlop Winter Tyres

    Just changed my car so time to sell my winter wheels and tyres. Used these on my C250 AMG Sport Plus Estate (W204, 2013). Read reports that you couldn't use 16" wheels with the W204 AMG Sport Plus but the merc dealer these wheels were bought new from in 2013 confirmed they absolutely were...
  5. A

    Genuine Mercedes W212 AMG staggered alloys on brand new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT - 18s

    For sale we have a set of original Mercedes AMG alloys on brand new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tyres. 235/40/18 94Y - 8X18 ET45 (front) £115 each on Blackcircles. 255/35/18 94Y - 8.5x18 ET48 (back) £130 each on Blackcircles Part numbers: A2074010000 (front) A2124010300 (back) The tyres are...
  6. BillyW124

    Brabus 20inch IV Mono Block alloys with Dunlop Sport Max tyres

    Original Brabus monoblock alloys made by Ronal. Supplied with original Brabus centre caps and correct bolts. (Flanges are different on the bolts to seat correctly on the alloys) Condition as per pics and seen on my CL before I took them off in ad below. No curbing or major scuffs. Straight...
  7. tromppost

    245 40 18 Dunlop SP 01 5mm tread

    Two 245 40 18 Dunlop SP 01 5mm tread no punctures or damage, evenly worn. £20 for the pair collection from SL4.
  8. M

    Good year or Dunlop tyres?

    Hi need to get 4 tyres for W203 2005 Cdi and iam torn between these 2 brands. Dunlop sport blue response or Goodyear efficient grip performance. I live in Highland (Scotland) but travel once in a month to london. daily commute around 15 Miles to work. your suggestion will be appreciated...
  9. optimusprime

    Tyres for sale 205X65X15 V Dunlop

    Hi i have a pair of tyres for sale ,the make is Donlop Sport 200 205x65x15 V rated These are £86 each .As new .. Any questions please pm me.
  10. snoop51

    4x MER A21240104027X07 Mercedes Benz Alloy Wheel 8.5x17 ET48 5 Twin Spoke with Dunlop

    4x Mercedes A21240104027X07 Mercedes Benz Alloy Wheel 8.5x17 ET48 5 Twin Spoke with Dunlop winter Tyres for sale. I'm after £650 for them but am open to offers.
  11. developer

    Dunlop Sportmaxx RT - Views?

    Goodyear told me again today that Eagle F1's are on 6 week back order, the same 6 week back order they told me about 6 weeks ago :mad:. So, I'd like to try Dunlop Sportmaxx RT's that have good reviews, except for wear. Lots of online reviews about poor wear, so I'd like to canvas more trusted...
  12. DSM10000

    Dunlop BlueResponse Sport- the first impressions

    Having felt that the rear of the C320 was not as stable over poor surfaces as it once was, and, in addition to lower grip, there was a very noticeable increase in both road noise and harshness with an unpleasant droning on some surfaces, particularly motorways, I decided that it was time for...
  13. I

    18" Alloys and Dunlop 3D snow tyres

    Hi all i have changed cars and sold my E class so now have my wheels for sale The wheels are not perfect but fully usable. The fronts had cracks in them but did not let air as i caught them in time and have had them professionally welded and ran with them like this for well over a year...
  14. tromppost

    275 35 R18 Dunlop SP Sport 01 MO X2 4+mm Tread

    I have two 275 35 R18 Dunlop SP Sport 01 MO with around 4 to 5 mm of tread left. Ideally collection from SL4 or could parcel force. Looking for £160 (plus postage)
  15. T

    18" Dunlop winter tyres

    Having sold my car I have four Dunlop winter sport MO spec winter tyres up for sale - looking for about £600 Loads of tread left having been in the car for just a few months Sizes are 225 40 18 for the front two and 255 35 18 for the rears Based in Manchester or can be posted if need be and I...
  16. S

    4 x 18" Genuine Mercedes AMG VI Alloys with Dunlop Sport 01

    Just put my factory alloys for 2010 Grand Edition CLS up for sale as have swapped out for a 19" set, in very good condition. All details below 4 x 18" Genuine Mercedes AMG VI Alloys with Dunlop Sport Tyres - Excellent Cond | eBay Thanks, collection only from Pinner Area (HA5)
  17. E270 Owner

    Mercedes Yilduz Alloy's & Tyres 225/55/R16 Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response

    Mercedes Yilduz Alloy's & Tyres 225/55/R16 Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response | eBay PM me for special MB Club members discount :)
  18. B

    Dunlop SP Maxx noise rating

    Hello all. I am contemplating new tyres for my newly-acquired W215 CL600. As a rule I drive pretty sedately so my only prime requirement is as low a noise level as possible. The Dunlop SP Maxx tyres have the lowest decibel rating of any brands I have seen. Do you think that's a reasonable guide...
  19. SmartMAC

    Dunlop winters sidewall damage

    I noticed yesterday that one of the front tyres on my winter set (standard Mercedes set bought from dealer via eBay) has a bump on the sidewall. It is the size of a tennis ball and protrudes on the sidewall. Other than that, the car drives well and there is no vibration through the steering...
  20. marty359

    4x Dunlop winter/snow tyres

    4x Dunlop winter sport 3d tyres 195/65/15 500 miles use so as new £200 I'm located not far from Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. Or Im working near Wembley stadium all next week so I can stick them in my van. Pick up or arrange a courier.
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