1. R

    Dust Caps

    I bought some AMG Dust caps for my car a couple of months ago. All was well until this morning...I went out to my car and some SH*THEAD's stolen them :( . Can soemone tell me what is the point or value in nicking a set of dust caps!!!!. They had AMG on them and none of my neighbours have an AMG...
  2. P

    Oh B*****ks another SL bites the dust with blown Cats

    Had to pop out to do some errands this afternoon, It was nice and sunny here so I popped the roof down and went for a blast :D However I started to notice a rattling sound up the front of the car while it was sitting at the lights... I have a feeling that this is the end of my cats :( Oh well...
  3. zafarius

    Brake dust mess

    I have just started to notice that I am getting a lot of what seems to be "liquid brake dust" or brake dust mixed with water all over the front and sides of my E300. This is the first time I've seen this in 5 years. I'm not talking about just a bit of dust on the wheels but on the windscreen...
  4. marc777

    Chrome dust caps nicked......damn

    Just noticed some kind soul has relieved my new wheels of their nice chrome dustcaps. There are some d***heads out there..........
  5. Dieselman

    Dieselemans dust up

    Gave the car a bit of a clean up today with my new electric orbital buffer. I would recommend one to anyone. Easy to use and the results are great. Especially since I bought mine at Costco and it was a steal. See pics. Front of car. Rear side The business end...
  6. B

    Another one bites the dust...

    Well, as of this afternoon, I am no longer a Mercedes owner after my C280 was collected by a private buyer.:( This actually leaves me car-less for the first time in 14 years, whilst I wait about 2 weeks until my new BMW M3 is delivered. Despite my temporary defection from the brand, I hope...
  7. GrahamC230K

    Metal Dust Cap Warning

    I know that my chrome dust valve cap mod was one that you all stood back to admire................................. OK, so nobody actually knew I had them, but I DID :p No not theft for a local BMX, when I went to test my tyre pressures this morning, I found all but one to be totally...
  8. Steve_Perry

    Any recommendations to reduce brake dust?

    Any of you guys find a solution to the dreaded brake dust spoiling the looks of your alloys? I get fed up when, after spending time and effort cleaning the wheels, they look filthy again in a matter of days. Am I the only one, any tips or tricks you guys know of? Thanks, S.
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