1. gramey

    Leather dying and conditioning

    So after quite a lengthy journey over the past 13 months my R129 is in pretty damn good shape now but I would like to colour in the wear on the drivers seat bolster. I'd also like to clean and condition the leather if that's possible with the coated leather. I was going to buy it all from...
  2. E

    '08 E350 petrol - Too Cool Runnings (or watching the thermostat dying...)

    The new (to me) E350 runs at 80 degrees on the coolant temperature gauge, not 100 like the E55Ks. It seems to take longer to come up to temp than the E55Ks, too, but I had assumed that it was just that it read differently. Not so... Sunday morning, trundling along at 50(ish) mph in the long...
  3. Colin_b

    W204 Stop/Start gradually dying.

    I've a 2012 W204 C250cdi. The start/stop function is gradually becoming slower to engage, and lasts less time. It occasionally turns green after a mile or so, but more usually it takes 10+ miles. The time it will operate in stop mode has gradually decreased to between 10 and 60 seconds. I...
  4. H

    Mysterious Dying Engine

    My '99 E55 is doing something very strange Was cutting out in traffic every now and then, so I checked and cleaned the MAF - all OK there - and replaced the crank sensor This seems to have have taken care of sudden cutting out when pulling up in traffic, but there is one remaining issue...
  5. Darrell

    People around me keep dying.

    Got a text yesterday from my ex sister in law to inform me that a friend has passed away from cancer at the age of 51. That brings the total of friends/beer buddies etc to 6 this year so far. All under the age of 52 and all from some form of cancer. Is it cos we are all getting on a bit or...
  6. W

    210 door mirror dying or sick?

    My drivers side door mirror has been a bit off colour recently and i wonder what's up with it? At first, there was a thin portion along the top edge that didn't reflect too well. It looked as if the mirror film might be delaminating from the glass. But this has now spread, and there appears...
  7. developer

    Are Large Capacity Petrols A Dying Breed

    Now, before you V8 boys attempt to sniff out something in my thread that's not there, let me tell you I scan the trade most weeks, looking at S212 E63's and waiting until the time/spec is right for me. However, there are 3.0 twin turbo diesels producing in excess of 300bhp now and (being...
  8. M

    Anyone dying for a new project

  9. J

    Dying the fabric in the door cards

    When I bought my 1994 250D last month I wasn't that keen on the garish colour of the door cards. The combined effect gave the door panel a pinkish look which is not for me. :o So I bought some Rust-Oleum vinyl & fabric spray paint today from B&Q. I had seen some scary videos on Youtube of...
  10. A

    Dying Dash!

    Hi, ooops just posted this in general .. sorry! Anyway! My E320CDI Advantagarde dash "51" plate is driving me nuts! The LED READOUT ON THE CLOCK AND NOW THE TEMP GUAGE has lines missing so you can't tell what the readout is... if that makes sense?? Any ideas on solving the problem...
  11. A

    Dash display dying!

    Hello, Well I just jpined so all help appreciated! I have an E320 CDI Advantgarde Estate. Love it! However .. The LED readout on the clock and now the temp gauge is fading away. Well lines are missing! So the solution is??
  12. Q

    W203 C320 engine dying!!!

    Can anyone offer any ideas on the following? Just had a major service including all filters, new plugs, fully synthetic oil etc etc. Not to mention new brakes all round at the same time! At first everything was terrific, car had a new lease of life fired into it with improved throttle...
  13. gina2201

    Key fob dying

    Well, pushed the button to open my car and "nothing." Couldn't unlock the car! It did eventually open though so off I went on my journey. Locked it again at other end, then when leaving, couldn't get in for ages. It just would not work. I presume it is the battery..... So now my car is...
  14. portzy

    Laptop dying / slow?

    Hello folks. Last night Mrs P decided to load the new software from Talk Talk broadband into her old laptop. She did not remove any of the BT stuff which we had previousley and she also loaded, from the new disc, other new/newer? firewall items in addition to those which were already there...
  15. classicsl

    electric aerial dying

    Just when you think you have got your old merc running perfectly something has to give, today the electrical aerial motor has been in a mood and either; - not extended fully when turning on ignition - partly retracting when turning off ignition - refusing to budge spent 15 mins when...
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