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    w211 E200CDI pre facelift, are these oilfilters compatible?

    The original Mahle OX 153 and Bosch P 7001 replacement. Mahle has metal cover at both ends, with rubber seal. Bosch is made of some kind of plastic foam. Total height is the same for both filters.
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    E200CDI Auto - gearchange at 30mph. Is this right?!!

    Hi everyone, hopefully someone can tell me that this is just a foible of this car/gearbox combination but I just need to make sure. I've recently bought a 3 year old E200CDI Bluefficiency with the 5 speed auto box. Overall I'm very happy with the car (apart from it being a little under...
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    E200CDI Starting Problems

    Hi I have a 2002 E220 CDI, alll was fine an then one day it would not start turned over fine but would not fire, called out the RAC who used easy start to get it going. since then sometimes it starts and other times it just doesn't want to know. If I use easy start it starts and drives fine...
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    Remove DIN Tray onW210 E200CDI 2002

    How To Remove DIN Tray on 2002 W210 E220CDI? Hi great forums. I did a lot of searching but could not find how to do this. Anyone know how to remove the Din tray below the radio on the W210 2002 E220. I want to get a meter installed there that can be hidden by the tray door when not in...
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