1. mr tibbs

    E211 E320 parking aid faulty?

    Morning all. In the last few days the parking aid on our 2005 E320 has been playing up. When driving below about 7-8 mph the two front indicators on the dash top come on along with a bing bong kind of sound. When in reverse the lights in the roof do not come on and there is no operation of the...
  2. D

    E211 Boot lid drips when open after rain

    After its been raining, when I open the boot on my E211, water drips from the corners into the boot area. Its not just one or two drips, its a consistent dripping. I guess that water is getting trapped in the panel somewhere as there appears to be a sort of foam mesh in what I assume to be...
  3. C

    E211 Sat Nav

    Just find out that my boot navigation unit is not working(E280 sport 2006),can anyone suggest where to buy one second hand at a reasonable price,see photo attached
  4. D

    Wanted - E211 2007 onwards E220 avantgarde with Nav

    Not too concerned with high miles, has to be diesel auto, ideally silver so doesn't need a wash often!
  5. frankingib

    E211 speedo pointer

    Hi all. New here. See if you can help me. My W211 E240 speedo pointer goes wild if I don't use my car for a while & then sorts itself out gradually as I drive until it matches lcd speed reading. Has anyone come across this?
  6. markheaney2

    e211 subframe bushes

    has anyone else experienced a fluttering banging noise from the rear of their 211 i have so far chiselled the front bushes of the subframe out it was not like a 210 it took 3 hours i think the rear subframe bushes are soft and allowing the subframe to bang on the floor the thought of chiselling...
  7. O

    So I bought one, soon to be mine E211 320 cdi

    Thought I'd stick up a pic of the car I put a deposit on today. Not a very good pic, but you get the idea. I pick it up Tuesday, and can't wait now :D I test drove an E220 cdi yesterday, and I'm so glad I didn't buy it. The 320 is a completely different drive. Quieter, smoother, plenty...
  8. C

    does e211 2005 e220 have steering parameters and how can I tell if my car has it?

    does w211 2005 e220 have steering parameters and how can I tell if my car has it? I have a e220 w211 2005. Steering wheel is heavy even driving locally and parking it seems very heavy. I have checked the power steering fluid, rack, tires pressurws etc etc. Someone told me about the steering...
  9. A

    Visit workshop logo on dashboard.. aaagghh E211 suspension

    Hello Not used my car this weekend, jumped in it today to move it back a small way to get the wifes out and this was on the dashboard.... :( Rang the independant who said its the suspension, it hasn't air but its an estate so self leveling rear. Anyone else had this? I'm hoping it...
  10. H

    Mercedes E211 E320 CDI Estate Elegance 57 plate

    Mercedes E320 CDI Elegance Estate (Euro 4) 7 speed tip auto. Hoping to sell in August, but thought I would try here first to see if any interest before advertising in more widely. 57 reg, September 2007, 64,000 miles approx, 2 owners, Full Mercedes Service History. Correctly stamped...
  11. A

    The what 'could' go wrong with an E211 / S211

    Hello Ok, nobody really knows.... but my car is getting on now, it has 132K miles. Its my dads car bought new in 2003 collected from Germany. It does also have a FMBSH and if its needed anything its had it, all the recalls etc etc.. It does however get used, its an estate and we use it...
  12. A

    Wiper blade size for E211 E class? anyone know

    Hello About to order some tyres off Camskills for my wifes car and noticed they do Bosh wipers. I need some fore mine, does anyone happen to know the sizes of them (front only) I'm not in the car so don't have access to the handbook Thanks
  13. dvb247

    e211 dash warning key fob battery low

    Both my batteries are running out according to my car complaining when I hit the keyless start, my question is, is the battery I need a CR2025 cheers:thumb:
  14. H

    Merc E211

    hi all just thought would post this, might be of interest, just fitted the audi tt version to one of our fleet cars, works really well. The audi version was only £400 Merc E Class, W211 Replacement GPS DVD OEM Audio 20 - Car Vision UK cheers Hash
  15. M

    MB supplied new battery for E211 320cdi - price

    Got a qoute for MB to replace my battery ..£254 fitted :doh: ..Lucky the garage I bought the car from is picking up the tab :bannana:
  16. 350_Coupe

    Brabus lowering module (E211)

    Came across this thought it might be of some use to someone here Brabus sports air suspension lowering module for E211. Unused with fitting instructions. Brabus lowering module on eBay (end time 08-Nov-10 21:38:09 GMT)
  17. drifting

    Leftover E211 bits

    I sold the beast at xmas, and have the following for sale, reasonable offers accepted, standard alloy wheel, will supply a picture if needed, also a TV tuner, never did get round to fitting, pukka MB part. Sorry to be so vague. But sure you all know what parts I refer to :-) Paul.
  18. C

    E211 Uneven Braking

    Hi Can anyone give any advice on a braking problem I have with my 2002 E220 CDi auto? Basically, the problem is more noticeable at lower speeds ( 5 - 25mph) and particularly on smooth road surfaces. When braking normally there is a uneveness which results in 'backward - forward' judder...
  19. P

    Smoking E211

    Has any one heard of this problem before I have a new E-Class 220cdi with just over 2000 miles 4 times now I have been driving not fast and when I look in the mirror the smoke coming out from the back look like an F1 car that has blowen its motor yes I mean clouds of blue & white smoke there is...
  20. bahamars

    E211 - Boot Lid Lining Removal

    Has anybody had the need to remove the internal lining to the boot lid of their W211 E Class or change the high level brake light ? 3 of the LEDs in the high level brake light have failed and to replace them [apparently, according to MB] you have to replace the entire unit. I have been quoted...
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