1. B

    W212 E class 2014 e220cdi reverse camera

    Hi Recently purchased a 2014 E class and wanted to know how it easy it would be to install a reverse Camera. I'm pretty good with car electronics but wanted to know if it would be a plug and play scenario? thanks
  2. D

    W211 09 E220CDI Pad Question

    Hi all, I need a new set of pads F&R for above motor. Looking at the options on ECP's website, what are the best solution. I can have:- Eicher for ~£57 for F&R. Pagid, Textar or Brembo for ~£95-105 for F&R. Any recommendations? Thanks, D
  3. astamir

    2008 e220cdi

    Hi all! Friend of mine from Sheffield selling his 2008 e220cdi with service history the mileage at the moment is around 135000 here the pics and if someone interested drop me a line and I will forward his number.
  4. timskemp

    W212 E220CDI avantgarde Ed125 Black/Beige

    Here is my Jan 2012 Mercedes Benz E220 CDI Blue Efficiency. Fitted with the exec pack and COMAND. Exterior is Obsidian Black Metallic with 17” alloy wheels. This has been my daily driver for nearly four years and has been a great travelling companion. Fitted with many desirable options...
  5. D

    E220CDI W211 Change Auto Transmission Fluid?

    My E220CDI had the auto transmission fluid changed at 44,000 miles. It has now done 89,000 miles. The next service is a few months away, should I have the fluid changed again, or is it a once only thing? I am planning to keep the car long term.
  6. J

    E220cdi S212 Boot rattle/noise

    Hi folks I have a 2012 E class estate with a low frequency thud/ rattle when going over uneven road surface or a series of pot holes. It coming from the rear passengers side of the seat/boot area. I tried the side panels and removing the storage tray platform in the boot also through the seat...
  7. C

    E220cdi w212 sat nav update.

    Hi I'm Jamie New to the forum. Got my E220 a couple of months ago and love it! Except for the t**t nav! I'm assuming it the original one (2010). But it doesn't even pick roads up that were probably about before sat navs came out for cars! It doesn't find a lot of post...
  8. nick mercedes

    Breaking 52 plate E220cdi

    All parts, rust free (really) Low miles (FSH to prove) Set of matches contis Anyone need anything?
  9. D

    Looking for W211 E220cdi facelift after 2006

    Hi! I am looking for a Mercedes E 220 CDI saloon after the 2006 facelift, preferably from MY 2007 on (07 or 57 plate on). I would prefer if the car has lighter in colour leather interior and if it is grey, dark blue or black in exterior colour. The car should have a history of proper...
  10. T

    2006 S211 E220CDI Avantgarde facelift E-Class estate

    OK, the time has come after three-and-a-half years and 76k miles. A company car offer I really can't refuse means my S211 is up for sale. I'll put some pictures up tomorrow once I have some daylight; here are the usual details: Cubanite Silver (sort of pale champagne colour) 170PS...
  11. S

    W211 e220cdi rpm Issue

    Hi, New to the forum, so apologies for any new member mistakes :doh: I have a w211 e220 estate 54 plate auto that I've had about 6 months. My first Merc. It has 120k on the clock. I seem to have a gearbox or engine rev issue when the car starts from cold. When I first drive off from a...
  12. T

    merc e220cdi 2007 p0263 code limp mode

    Dear Mercedes lovers! I ve got a Merc from 2007 e220 cdi, and my car always go to limp mode(no revs after 3000, no turbo, more eating fuel ), the error code what is coming p0263, if i clear it nothing happened same issue,when the guy clear the garage, and i think he restart the cpe(but I'm...
  13. BIG_G_1979

    e220cdi 2005 sbc?

    Hi guys as the title says would a 2005 e220cdi have the sbc brake system?
  14. S

    S211 E220cdi temp/mpg issue??

    Hello All, I'm trying to establish if I have a problem with my 2008 S211 E220cdi 5g Auto. The trip computer is showing 40-41mpg on my daily 60 mile commute which is mostly duel carriageway. I have previously owned a 2002 S210 E320cdi auto which achieved better MPG on long runs. The car...
  15. N

    W211 Facelift E220cdi

    Here is the pics of my car I collected from dealer today...
  16. I

    My W210 E220CDI Avantgarde Estate - Cheap

    Hello! I have just purchased a lovely CLS500 so my old estate has to go. I would of listed on this forum but as I am a newish member I don't have the thread count to list a classified. So it is on ebay, Late 2002 Mercedes E-Class 220 CDI Avantagrde Estate - 7 Seat - W210 | eBay I am...
  17. M

    Button/dial on side of E220CDI engine?

    Hi, Whilst cleaning under the bonnet of my car today, I noticed there's a button/dial on the left hand side of the engine block's plastic cover - does anybody know what it's for? It has a semi-circular white marking on the top half with 75% and 100% written on it? (Photo below). The car's a...
  18. S

    W210 e220cdi elegance 2002 02

    Hi Guys and Ladies,may have my e220cdi elegance coming on the market soon just trying to see if i get much interest first on the forum before i advertise it on line :crazy:,from reading forum i dont think i can advertise it on here with being relativley new,basically two owner plenty of...
  19. J

    E220cdi 2004 SBC Pump

    My friends dash warning has come on are these pumps still genuine only? Is it worth getting it in to merc? This friend is so tight he wont even change his oil before 20k and uses it for private hire work!!:doh:
  20. U

    Mercedes e220cdi w210 display defective sign

    Hi folks, just got my instrument cluster back today after having the pixels for the temp gauge and gear position repaired by a cluster repair company ( revtronic) .Now before I sent it away I could see that the break lining wear sign was on ( I say that because the central display bulbs...
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