1. L

    W210 E230 rough idle, almost stalling in drive but fine in park or neutral.

    Any help will be appreciated if someone can guide me in the right direction. Mileage is 173000 km. Transmission also makes a whining sound. Not sure if that is a separate issue though. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  2. L

    Oil on engine cover w210 E230

    Did a service on my mum's neglected car. Noticed this oil. See attached pics. Please advise. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  3. abecketts

    E230 W124 Coupe

    Changing the wheels would help the look a bit though the SEC bonnet conversion is not for me, the interior is a throwback including the carphone, i'm old enough to remember having a car with one in. 1991 (H) Mercedes Benz 230CE W124 COUPE ONLY 86000 Miles! | eBay
  4. J

    Mercredes E230 1992 saloon

    For sale Mercedes E230 1992 petrol H Reg auto for sale. Car in good condition. Wheels no kerb marks. White. One owner. 97000 miles. Engine turns but have issue- water in the engine. Offers For more info contact 07769224680
  5. Bradley foster

    mercedes e230 gearbox issue

    Hi can anybody help . I have a 1997 Mercedes e class 230 she is a lovely old car and generally goes well till recently I began to have problems with the automatic gearbox when driving forward it is fine . But when you go to reverse it some times locks up like I put it into Park . I have...
  6. Bradley foster

    e230 gearbox

    Hi can anybody help please I have a 1997 Mercedes e class 230 and just started to have some problems with the automatic gearbox driving forward it fine but when I reverse some times it locks up as if it was in Park . I have changed the oil and filter in the box but it's still the same ...
  7. H

    E230 vs E320

    Hi guys I've E230 w210 1997 ,I'm planning to exchange it with E320 w210 ! anyone have any thoughts ???:p
  8. H

    E230 vs E320

    Hi guys
  9. D

    w210 e230 Flat acceleration and lumpy idle when starting from cold

    Hi Guys, I've got an issue with my Merc 1996 w210 e230 petrol. When it starts up from cold the idle is lumpy until it warms up after a few minutes, then runs fine. Acceleration is flat and slow, it has only been driven in town, but on Friday I gave it a good run on the motorway and now...
  10. H

    Engine vibrates when cold

    HI I have a problem with my E230 W210 1997. when I start the engine for the first time on the morning there is a little vibration ,it's keep on Vibrating until the engine warms up !!! and the RPM indicator moves quite a bit up and down. any one have any thoughts ???? I will appreciate...
  11. H

    e230 w210 spark plugs

    Hi guys ,I'm new here :p . I just bought an old e230 w210 "1997" . in my country i couldn't find any expert to ask , i want change spark plugs i don't know what sparks should i use ? ?:fail any help ??????
  12. abecketts

    E230 W124 Duchatelet

    must be a one off interior Mercedes 230 CE Pillarless Coupe 1991 J, CARAT BY DUCHATELET, RARE Classic Car | eBay
  13. M

    E230 Immobiliser fault (Maybe a wiring post?)

    Hi, a newbie here.. A newbie with a broken down E230, from around '97.. It has the old Infra-Red LED type alarm & it unlocks the doors, but fails to disable the immobiliser (leaving the green & red mirror lights flashing alternately).. Tried leaving the battery off for ages, & fitted new cells...
  14. D

    Shuddering at 70+ MPH - STAR says TC slipping ? - 2001 E230 CDI S210

    S210 - E320 CDI 2001 facelift (registered 2002 if it makes any difference !) My car has been suffering from shuddering issue for a while now. I've changed many parts which all have had a big affect on symptoms. Originally I had vibration during breaking, at low speeds as well as 70 + MPH...
  15. D

    E230 alarm issues

    First time MB owner... We have a 1996 e230 estate... Sometimes when we try to unlock the car the lights in the mirror red/green flash..the car unlocks but the engine won't start. If we swap keys including the flat spare one, it sometimes starts. Also the alarm will sound when it does this...
  16. A

    Mercedes Benz E230 estate

    Advertising a e230 w210 estate for one of my customers. It's a 1997 T plated E230 elegance estate Metallic grey Light grey cloth trim Covered 156k with full service history Mot until march No tax 4 brand new Firestone tyres fitted October 2012 All the usual refinements Pas Em Ew...
  17. 300CE

    1988 mercedes e230 50,000 miles £995 ono barn find, like new

    1988 MERCEDES E230 50,000 MILES £995 ONO | eBay Also has a barn find 420SEC: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-MERCEDES-420-SEC-995-ONO-/261129399062?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3ccc866b16
  18. gaz_l

    W210 E230 any good?

    As per my other thread regarding getting a bigger car for commuting, I've seen an E230 for sale nearby. It's pretty old and probably wouldn't be my first choice but it looks tidy and it's not a lot of money. Given that I'm not looking for something to thrash (I've got the SLK for that :devil:)...
  19. C

    124 series E230 coolant loss.

    My 1992 124 series E230 is losing a worrying amount of coolant. It drips steadily from a pipe which runs down the front of the engine, it appears to originate from the body of the water pump. What is wrong? Does this mean a new water pump? Please advise.
  20. C

    E230 coolant loss.

    Coolant loss from my 1992 124 series E230 has reached serious levels. Water drips steadily from a pipe running down the front of the engine, which appears to come from the main body of the water pump. What's wrong? Am I in for a new water pump? Please advise.
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