1. S


    Hi, can anyone advise on size of retaining bolts x 6 and where i can get them as not supplied with replacement half shaft, also are normal metric tools suitable for carrying out job
  2. E

    HELP! air compressor needed for w124 E250d

    Hi , just on the finishing stages converting my W124 CE220 to Diesel (250D 5 Cyl) in the UK and realised i needed the old air compressor (which i disposed of) in order to fit the belt properly, , i have gone for no air con , but it needs an idle bearing and pulley arrangement or just an old air...
  3. Palfrem

    Nice W124 E250D

    1994 MERCEDES E250 D AUTO, RARE ARCTIC WHITE, FSH, ORIGINAL CAR, LOW MILEAGE | eBay This has potential perhaps
  4. Ian B Walker

    M Reg W124 E250d Manual

    Sad to say I am breaking, for a customer, an M Reg E250D with a Manual gearbox. Forget about the bodywork and Engine (its eating its own oil :o). All other parts are available.
  5. 219

    1999 W124 E250D 5 speed manual

    As already stated in my other thread , where you can see pictures of this car , I have decided that mid winter is not the time to be doing major repairs and am hoping that another W124 enthusiast will want to take this late registered car on and save it . As stated in the thread , there were...
  6. P

    W124 e250d

    Hi. I'm looking at converting my W124 200 petrol to the late spec 250D 20V engine and auto box. It seems the engine number for this unit is OM605.911. Problem is they seem trickey enough to find. Is the 250D engine fitted to the early W202 and W210 cars the same? They seem to have engine codes...
  7. E

    124 Series E250D Engine Belt Tensioner strut Shock Absorber

    Hi, I am a new member. I have a new shock absorber to fit to the front of the engine. I have removed the bolt at the top of the shock absorber, and loosened the lower bolt but cannot detach the shock absorber because the bolt is trapped behind the fan belt pulley. I have also released the belt...
  8. M

    W124 E250D Belt Tensioner/Damper rattle ?.

    Hi until recently a HAPPY owner of 1995M E250 DIESEL,200,000 miles,FSH.I have a rattle from Belt tensioner/damper/pulley?.Once rattle starts you can see belt wobbling so much so it skipped off PAS pulley(1rib) just as i moved to garage to work on.The rattle will automatically stop, engine...
  9. J

    W212 Roof Bars

    How many MB cycle carriers can you fit onto standard MB roof bars? Picture in the instructions suggests four, as does MB accessories catalogue, but I'm stuck at 3...:wallbash:
  10. whitemerc

    W210 E250d splutters

    Hi , I have a 1996 W210 E250d , I had a fuel leak so changed all the plastic pipes and o rings , as well as the breath over pipes and fuel filter , but the car now splutters from time to time , starts and idles perfect, what could be the problem? would be extremely grateful for any help:)
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