1. A

    W211 E270 CDI - OM 647 engine

    Hi, Is this engine oil (see attached pics) as per spec for my E270 CDI 2003 model? I was using Mobil1 Delvac 5w40 and was thinking of changing to Fuchs? Suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  2. M

    2005 E270 CDi Front SAM module problem

    Almost certain that the front SAM module has given up the ghost. Multiple warnings, beeps etc (SRS, ABS, speedtronic, rear brake light lights etc). Looking for guidance on replacement and repair please. Newbie - go easy on me please ;)
  3. T

    E270 cdi Limp Mode Query

    Hi. I have a 2003 E270CDI (W211) which has covered 120K miles with full dealer history until 112k. Intermittently it goes into limp mode, usually when cold but not always. When warmed up a stop and ingnition reset does the trick. However after driving on the motorways today it went into limp...
  4. CleanShirt

    E270 / E320 Compatibility

    Hi Guys, i'm a new member so forgive me if i'm in the wrong place. I want to give my 2002 E270 cdi Avantgarde an all round face lift. Projector lights, front and back bumper, and 20 inch rims. if i ordered lights and bonnet emblem for an E320 of same year would they fit my E270. ? As some...
  5. G

    W211 E270 Oil Filter size

    Hi all, What size of a wrench/socket do you need for removal and installation of the oil filter in a 2004 W211 E270 CDI? Thanks in advance
  6. T

    W211 E270 engine mounts.

    Only had it 3,000 miles but the engine sounds and feels a little gruff under load and gives the car a sideways shudder when I switch the engine off. Are the engine mounts a known cause of this? The car has done 181K with FSH.
  7. C

    E270 cdi w211 2002

    Mercedes e270cdi Avantgarde 2002 (52) Here goes, it's come time to sell my w211. I have owned it since October 2015 and in that time have covered a modest 13k most of which are miles traveled too and from France. Just been serviced (service B) 1000 miles ago. MOT is due in 29 Oct 2017. it has...
  8. T

    Does my W211 E270 have a DPF??

    It's a 2004 model. I'm thinking about adding 2 stoke mineral oil to the fuel to see if it makes it smoother and quieter but I don't want to do any damage.
  9. 4

    w211 e270 cdi broken ??

    Hi all my friends. The wire of sensor of crankcase breather hose that goes to turbo is broken.there is no light in dash for that .What is the role of crankcase breather sensor ??
  10. 4

    w211 e270 cdi steering wheel oil???

    Hello all.i want to replace the steering wheel oil because when the engine warms the steering wheel become hard. What oil do I need and how to replace it???
  11. T

    What are the symptoms of an E270 auto box that needs a fluid and filter change?

    I've only done 900ish miles in my 179,000 mile fsh E270cdi and I don't know when the auto fluid and filter was last done. It's a 2004 E270cdi. There is a bit of a whine when the car is pulling away or under load and I'm wondering if this could be the auto box complaining about the state of...
  12. T

    New w211 E270 thermostat. What is this hole for?

    I bought this stat off a seller on ebay (actual stat pictured above), not anyone on here. I've looked at a couple of how-to threads online and a couple if vids but can't find any mention of anything fitting into or onto the machined hole at the bottom of the stat housing. I haven't started...
  13. 4

    w211 E270 cdi 2003 capacity ???

    Hi my friends. How many litres does it take to full fill the fuel tank in this model ?? And how much is a line in fuel display ? Thnx
  14. D

    w211 E270 auto box problems

    Evening all. just drove back from nottingham to manchester and over the last 30 miles or so car wasnt driving as it should. seemed like a box full of neutrals or clutch slipping (i know its an auto). got home jacked the old girl up and there is a bit of fluid on the bottom of the box sump. am...
  15. T

    Viewing a 2004 E270 CDI tomorrow. Anything I should pay particular attention to?

    It's an estate with FSH (apparently), and 178k miles on the clock. I've been told it's been well looked after by the local doctor owner for the last 12 years but there are few if any receipts for work. I'll be insisting on a good test drive and I'll be looking over the car best I can...
  16. 4

    W211 E270 cdi 2003 f** valeo check???

    Where should I look to check if I have Valeo radiator ?
  17. garyenelson

    W211 E270 Engine rattle at idle

    Hi all, My 2005 W211 E270 CDI has developed a strange "tinny" rattle at idle. It sounds a bit like a bit of exhaust heatshield vibrating. I've had the cats checked but apparently they are okay. Also had it up on a ramp but couldn't see any issues with heatshields either. It is loudest...
  18. AndyKO

    W211 E270 CDI Part number req?

    Hi Guys, Where can I find a part number for a Gearbox and TC for my E270 CDI? Cheers
  19. AndyKO

    '03 W211 E270 CDI 'Judder' gearbox advice please

    Hi guys, (Please excuse my 'lack' of technical explanation, I'm no technician) Right, I've started to notice upon driving my 270 when warmed up, especially up inclines, the car starts to 'judder'/struggle upon acceleration, easing off seems to cure it slightly. It is worse when box set...
  20. 4

    w211 E270 cdi 2003 swap SBC with ...

    Hello people. I own w211 E270 cdi 2003. Does anybody know if there is any method to swap SBC unit with face lifted over 2006 w211 standard unit??? Or with old one (W10 brake unit )?????
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