1. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) parking sensors

    My car is fitted with parking sensors, but it doesn't seem to have parktronic as described in the user manual. The manual talks about lights just above the dash and in the roof lining at the rear. My car does not have these. I can't find anything in the manual about any other parking assistance...
  2. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) bonnet badge

    I've just purchased a 2006 (pre facelift) E320 Cdi estate. It's my first Merc and I'm loving it so far. However, my wife isn't too keen on the emblem on the front of the bonnet. Is it possible to replace that with the flat badge version? If so, where's the best place to look and are they all of...
  3. E

    Oh s**t Oh S**t Oh S**T! Have I killed the E320?

    Oldest mistake in the book - filled it with petrol not diesel. AAAAAAARGHHHHHH! Sixty litres, to be precise, so it's about 25% diesel still. Not surprisingly, the 'check engine' light is on and it's not running very well... I've done about a mile and a half. Is it beyond economic repair?
  4. J

    W211.022 Turbo prices

    I might need a new turbo for a 2007 320 cdi, had a quote of £395 + vat on replacement basis from aet turbos in wakefield, just querying if that's a competitive price or not and if anyone has recommendations on where else I can look for one.
  5. A

    E320 CDI Sport with 7 seats

    Hi all, On the look out for a 7 seater S211. Ideally an E320 sport in silver or another rare/unique colour. Mileage not an issue as long as it is well looked after. Harman Kardon would be nice!! Thanks
  6. E

    E320 CDI - My New Old Banger

    For those who haven't seen my (somewhat derailed) E55K thread in the Wanted section, on Thursday I go to collect, right in the far corner of Wales - just this side of the Menai Strait - a 2003 E320 CDI Avantgarde estate on 170K miles. At that mileage I'm taking a chance, I know, but: it's...
  7. M.A.94

    W210 e320 cdi deisel leak

    So my car has had a strong fuel smell coming the past day or two. Today I took the engine cover off and it I've found the leak however not sure what the leaking part is called and it's purpose. Any advice is appreciated thank you
  8. M

    W211 Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Sport - £4599

    Hi, I have decided to part ways with my W211 Facelift 320CDI Sport. I have owned the car for just over 3 years. With a growing family I just more boot and cabin space hence the sale. Panoramic Roof All the usual features such as heated seats ect... (no sat nav unfortunetely). July...
  9. N

    Any other doors fit 2001 E320

    Hi, I've been passed down a 2001 E320 Avantgarde, mechanically the car is 100% and with 175k on the clock and a recent turbo replacement it drives better than ever, Interior is cream leather and in perfect condition with all electrics working..... But the usual rust problems makes this...
  10. E

    What's It Worth - E320 diesel?

    Boris the Bounce's Peugeot has persuaded me of the virtues of modern diesels - plenty of torque in just the right place in the rev range for how I drive - and another E55K estate is no longer the Holy Grail it was; maybe I'm growing up at last... (and anyway, the chances of a (another) Tanzanite...
  11. David404

    W211 (E320) )M642 - lack of power

    Driving back from Devon today car lost power, not misfiring, no horrid noises but severe lack of power, wont run past 3000RPM and NO EML or any other warning lights on. when up to speed it runs along just fine you wouldn't know there was anything wring its only on opening the throttle that...
  12. C

    E320 cdi sport dpf

    Hi all, I've put a deposit down on a 2009 e320 cdi sport and was wondering if it has a dpf? I've put my finger in the exhausts which are sooty so hopefully it hasn't, I've done loads of research on the w211 and people say it's an option but I've never actually heard of anybody having one. So...
  13. M

    Hello from me and my E320 Coupé

    Hello all, First car forum I've joined so please be gentle with me. Bought a 1996 E320 Coupé a few months back – I've wanted one for twenty years. Mine's a beautiful example, great bodywork and interior but it's been an absolute nightmare so far with all number of 'the dreaded' wiring...
  14. M

    2004(54) mercedes e320 cdi avantgarde saloon automatic diesel amg bodykit silver

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3983 Mercedes E320 CDI Avantgarde Saloon with AMG Styling Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 15th September 2004 – 54 Reg • Four Owners Only – Last Owner Since August 2013 • 53,801 miles only with Full Service History...
  15. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ Powerful 3.2 ★ eBay item ending this SUNDAY morning- 20th Aug! Click the eBay link below... (detailed photos on the listing) Mercedes Sportline / E320 W124 AMG E class e190 brabus alloys s c export classic | eBay...
  16. S

    E320 CDI gearbox help please

    I have a 2007 E320 CDI 3.0 estate. I'm getting a dash message 'ESP system inoperable' regularly and there is a clonk at the gearbox which then doesn't change properly. If I switch the ignition off and on a few times it eventually works ok again, but that could be for 2 minutes or 2 days ...
  17. C

    E320 cdi sport

    Looking for a e320 cdi sport Facelift 06 onwards only in black or grey but other colours will be considered Spec wise it has to have at least command, heated seats, parktronic Would like memory seats and Harmon kardon as well but not essential Mileage ideally below 150k but will consider...
  18. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ On ebay on the 10th Aug 17★ 0777857666 ★ £1,450 ★ FOR SALE: My Powerful 1995 Auto Petrol E320 Factory Sportline /// with full Cream leather interior Low miles & low previous owners Finished in Mercedes-Benz...
  19. F

    *Urgent* e320 cdi

    Hi, I urgently need a car since the friend who's I had borrowed is returning from abroad on Wednesday morning so he will need his car back and my other car is still in the garage. I would be most interested in e320 cdi, if anyone here is selling 1 please get in touch, if not, please let me...
  20. RickyBurrows

    E320 cdi exhaust?

    Hi I have an e320 cdi sport face-lift so obviously has the om642 I know they put that engine in a lot of different mercs so hopefully someone has done this im looking at removing the back boxes my car standard has no middle box or dpf so it will effectively be a straight through minus the cat...
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