1. shyam27


    1999 BMW E39 520i Automatic. Finished in beautiful navy blue. Was taken in P/X. I don't know if I'm allowed to post this due to rivalry between MB and BMW but this is a good honest motor. Good Bits - Excellent and smooth runner with no mechanical faults. Drives flawlessly! Very comfortable...
  2. rk100

    E55 w211 or E39 M5

    Hello all A good friend of mine is currently considering a w211 E55 or a E39 M5. I know there is likely to be a favour towards the E55 on here! But just wondering if anyone has experience of both. The ones he is looking at have in the order of 90,000 to 100,000 miles. I don't see this as an...
  3. Howard

    BMW E39 5 series Split Rims

    Selling for a neighbour of mine , 4 x genuine BMW splitties for a 5 series E39. Staggered set up , 8 inch front , 9 inch rear. These will only fit an E39 apparently. Looking for £500 Ono , tyres are all good with tread left. Tiny kerbing on offside front one. The car is for sale as...
  4. AnilS

    BMW (E39) 530i Sport Champagne Edition I (82K)

    Please read the attachment ;) for this high provenance car :D One of the nicest BMW's ever made. Mag link; E39 Champange II Edition - E39 1996-2004 - BMW 5 Series Owners Board Detailing link; BMW 530I (E39) Champagne Sport - Detailing World
  5. AnilS

    Genuine BMW M5 Alloys for sale (E39)

    BMW 5 Series M5. Set of 4 Genuine (STAGGERED - with wider rears) alloy wheels For an E39, with Genuine M Sport badges fitted. (Old Centre caps are available but need replacing). PCD 5x120 Centre bore 72.5mm Front alloy wheels: 18x8" ET20 Wheel part number: BMW 36112228950 Rear alloy...
  6. big_amg

    2002 E39 530d Sport Auto

    I need to sell my lovely 5 series to help find an extortionate holiday for my family! Here goes... Grey with black sports leather Tiptronic auto box 140k miles with lots of history MOT till March and Tax till October Parking distance control (PDC) Cruise control Auto wipers and...
  7. c_200k

    E39 M5 2001 swap or px W211 E55 AMG

    Hi guys, this is going to be a shot in the dark but if theres anyone out there that has a Black W211 E55 AMG that would maybe be interested in a LeMans Blue E39 M5 2001 Facelift for a swap or px i'll give out full details if anyone is interested pm me or reply here you dont ask you dont...
  8. AnilS

    Long shot but looking for 19s (E39)

    Looking to by some 19s for my BMW 530i Sport. I know its a bit of a long shot but does anyone have some or know of someone wanting to sell? Not afraid of a refurb, if the price is right, but must be unbuckled, straight and true ;) I'm fussy about tyres but can be tyre or untyred. Let me know...
  9. harry_dhuga

    W211 E55k AMG or E39 BMW M5..??

    Hi people, I'm looking at the possible purchase of one of the above car's, would love to get both but think will just go for the one..!!! Any advice, I have a feeling that the votes will lean slightly more towards the AMG..??? Cheers, Harry
  10. F

    E39 BMW Alarm Question

    Some of the members here may have been BMW owners in the past or currently are but I was hoping someone can help me. I currently have a 1999 E39, problem is I unlocked the car and as I turned the ignition, the alarm and immobiliser came on. Problem is I cannot get it to go off and I cant find...
  11. A

    E39 540i

    Well i've gone and done it. I went and got my self a fully loaded e39 540, and i cant say i'm regretting it, its a sweet engine and a very good looking car imo :). The torque feel isn't all that impressive coming from my c230k but it does deceive, the numbers that come up when your foot is down...
  12. Donza

    E39 BMW 530D M-Sport

    The old man is after a BMW Diesel. He has a budget of around 10-12k. I have looked into these models and they look very tempting. Fully loaded, prisitine examples with only 60-80k on the clock. Thats barely run-in.. I'll be honest and maybe Contreversial (When am i never). But i prefer the...
  13. Thmsshaun

    My new Car, BMW E39 540I

    Well after seeing a couple of Mercs and from either owner neglect or poor qualty I decided to look to BMW. Finally a car that was also local to me so I went up for a look really without any intent of purchase. However it became apparent the car has been very well maintained. A stack of...
  14. phoenix_nights

    W124 Estate versus E39 Touring

    Happy new year. I am faltering. I have spotted a '94 150,000 auto 7 seater W124 in good condition (in green but cant have everything) but now i am also thinking of a 98 BMW 5 series touring. Why i was looking at the 5 series is that they seem so comfortable but my heart really is with the...
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