1. I

    Engine Noise 1978 E430 Avantgarde

    On a long drive back from N Wales yesterday I noticed a quietish but consistent high pitched droning over and above the normal engine sound. As far as I was able to track it the noise was absent when decelerating and increased as I went up through the automatic gears and remained consistent when...
  2. UtterPiffle

    w210 e430 possible EIS fault. Key does nothing in ignition...

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. I have an old w210 e430 in the barn. I left the key in the ignition when the car was in the barn for about 3 months, and the battery obviously went flat. Put on a new battery (fully charged), and the key now does...
  3. F

    1998 W210 E430 - what to look out for?

    Hello all. Newbie here. Potentially looking at an E430 tomorrow. Was wondering what I need to be looking out for. Never owned a Mercedes or a V8 before. Rust seems to be the big thing. Anything else I need to consider? Thanks for your help.
  4. ringway

    Ringway's E430 Estate.

  5. J

    New Wheels Dont Fit E430 W210

    Hi Guys i had my new wheels delivered today they are 18 x 8 couldnt wait to get home and get them on but was so gutted to say the least that they hit on the front caliper the offset ET35 is this right? the company sent spacers and hub rings but it looks like i will need 30mm spacers instead of...
  6. A

    '00 W210 E430 Whooshing Noise - Fan Clutch?

    Hi all, I have an 2000 E430 that makes an irritating whoosh on acceleration, and sounds kind of like a bus if you know what I mean. I'm thinking that perhaps this is the fan coming on constantly and unnecessarily as the result of a bad fan clutch? Once operating, the engine temp stays at...
  7. P

    W210 E430 ECU disconnected, rough idle

    Hi, newbie of sorts here. I've looked all over, but can't find a solid answer. I've had the dreaded ABS/BAS/ESP problem, and replaced the brake switch to no avail. I then came across several suggestions that the fan in the ECU box (behind the brake hydraulic control block) might be broken or...

    Rare W210 E430 4WD?

    Hi All, Is this a rare car as stated or not? MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS ESTATE AUTO 4X4 - LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE - VERY SPECIAL CAR! | eBay
  9. W

    2000/W E430 Avantgarde Estate

    Hi Gang, Due to purchase of a new car I need to move on my trusty 7-seater 210 estate. It's a 2000/W plate facelift car, in silver with a black, electric/memory 7 seat leather interior with the very rare built-in kids booster seats in the back. 4.3 V8 with tiptronic gearbox. Has digital...
  10. P

    w210 e430 estate load cover squeak

    The load cover/blind in my 2002 w210 e430 is squeaking. It seems to come from the slide rail, which I replaced - no effect. Has anyone had any experience/luck with trying to cure this please.
  11. johnsco

    W210 e430 (2002) fuel filter connections

    I became aware of a clonking noise from the rear of the E430. It sounded like something was clonking against the petrol tank. I found a very-corroded piece of steel small-bore capillary tube. It was not secured and was knocking about. It traced one end of it to a rubber tube connected to a...
  12. abecketts

    Quite a pricey w210 E430 estate

    MERCEDES-BENZ E430 4.3 V8 AVANTGARDE 5 DR ESTATE PETROL AUTOMATIC | eBay Whilst it might probably be one of the last of the production, I think £6k for a 132k miller car is pushing it somewhat, nice and clean though
  13. merc85

    e430 Brentwood

    Typical lol, Mercedes-Benz E430 V8 Avantgarde 7 Seater Estate | eBay Do you think i can get hold of the seller lol, nice and close to me too :wallbash:
  14. merc85

    Mercedes e320 CDI / e430

    Hi wanted a w210 e320 CDI, or a e430 estate, must be Rust free mileage sub 150k. Have a 2k budget willing to travel for the right car, 7 seater would be a bonus.:D
  15. C

    98 e430 w210 estate breaking

    Ok then I got a 98 e430 estate on my drive that's going to the scrapy soon if any one needs anything off it please let me know or if you know of a breaker close to Bristol that may want it. its complete at the moment and has following spec 18" amg wheels cruise climate elec seats inc...
  16. T

    W210 e430 estate 1998

    Mercedes e430 Avantgarde estate, 7 seat model, 1998, 153,600 miles, 12 months mot, tax till Apr 14, 5 previous owners. FMBSH Till 108k then Independents, oil change 5k ago. 7 seats all leather grey interior, electric memory drivers seat, heated front seats, climate control, cd stereo...
  17. W

    For sale E430 estate - nice but ..

    E430 Avantgarde - auto, alexandrite green Mechanically superb, but needs a couple of wings. (Nasty Dent one one, rusy bubbling on both) 2001 Y reg 108k miles Good history print out ... Mercedes most of its life. Me last 18 months. First owner took it to Mercedes for everything for years...
  18. merc85

    E55 / E430 wdb210 Test ride??

    Hi there, as you guys can see by my previous posts ive bin looking into buying a e55 or e430. Ive had loads of Mercedes in the past but they have all been from the eighties. Is there anyone near Harwich/Colchester/ipswich/essex area who can take me for a short spin in theres so i can see...
  19. Whitey

    E430 18k miles

    I wouldn't mind this myself . . . Mercedes E430 Avantgarde Estate - 18200 miles from new | eBay
  20. johnsco

    E430 interior lamp under dash on passenger side

    While changing the lower set of pollen filters on the E430 (W210 year 2002), I've discovered a little lamp set into the cover that needs removing to get at the filters. It looks like a little LED lamp ... No apparent bulb ... Wires from it disappear up into the dash area. Part No is A220 820 11...
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