1. JustIgnore

    Petrol Smell inside

    Hi. I own an E55 for 2 months now and sometimes I smell very strong petrol odor inside the cabin. I noticed that it happens when the car is in a stop and go traffic. The first time it happened when the fuel was 3/4 full and yesterday it was 1/4 but I could still smell it. I found out that...
  2. restorer

    Wanted: E55

    Hi. I've been a member of this forum since 2010 but have been 'lurking' so haven't posted much. My BMW 545 has recently been written off so I'm now in a position to find an E55. I'd ideally like to buy from a MB forum member as I'd be confident it would have been properly cared for. I'm...
  3. AngryDog

    Loving the E55 right now.

    Just been up to Hull for the weekend. The E55 took it in its stride. At the price point if there is a better car to cover 190 miles in comfort and good pace then I'd be amazed.
  4. T

    CLS / E55 Parts

    A few parts for sale Genuine AMG IV Alloys (4 x 18") - £600 Condition: Used - Could do with a professional refurb and replacement of tyres. Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pzDK8IGVHSVUvKBO2 Genuine AMG Pistons and conrods for M113k engine (x8) - £850 Condition: Used Photos...
  5. Mr Fixit

    E350 estate and /or swop for E55 saloon

    I'm investing in a brewery and need an estate so looking for one if there's a sensible deal around, ideally with my 2005 E55 (also for sale but no rush) Mines has 94K miles Full MOT, inspected by MB Waterhouse post purchase in April full history and a Brabus steering wheel plus the usual toys...
  6. AngryDog

    2004 (54 reg) W211 E55 Oil cooler

    Is this likely to be below my radiator? I want to fit a larger Heat Exchanger but I have read that some cars have the oil cooler in the way? Thanks.
  7. clk320x

    'Unique' style E55

    Can someone get me a sick bag? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202031806805
  8. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake wear sensors

    How many brake wear sensors does the w211 E55 have?
  9. Alps

    W211 E55 parts

    As my E55 has now gone to its new owner, time to clear the shed loadsa parts I have gathered over the years! 1. Brand new Genuine Mercedes Airmatic pump - not the cheap Chinese rubbish thats on ebay, a genuine MB part - £220 2. E63, CLS63, CLK63 front bumper center and fog grills £100 3. Set...
  10. benlucas

    E55 W211 front fog light bulb options

    Hi all Per the title, mine are looking a bit yellow and I was wondering what options I have to make them whiter (and match the xenons.) I have just replaced the sidelights with canbus leds which are now slightly brighter than the xenons, but close enough that I'm happy with them. Been...
  11. J

    E55 or CLS55 ?!

    Hey, Sorry if this question has been asked but i couldn't find a thread for it, Anyone owned both of them and can do a quick compassion of which one they prefer? Thanks
  12. M

    New Owner of Well known E55 AMG

    Hi All, Just a quick note to let you all know that I am the new owner of Alps E55 :bannana: It was a pleasure to deal with Alps and as for the car :devil: The car, as many of you know, is beautiful and 'fully loaded' is for once an accurate description. The challenge for me is to...
  13. D

    e55 ic pump

    Is this BOSCH Water Pump 0392022010 | eBay the correct new part? Looks like its £10 cheaper from the US but barely seems worth it for the hassle. These are straight swops but uprated parts over OEM? Thanks
  14. JustIgnore

    Cheapest E55 in UK...

    .. but highest mileage? 2003 Mercedes-Benz 5.4 auto E55 AMG SAT NAV | eBay I know the engines are bullet proof, what do you think?
  15. 5

    W210 E55 woes - help!

    Hello all - I was wondering whether there are any members familiar with the M113 5.4L? I am having two issues: 1) Air conditioning is making a groaning noise when switched on - AC compressor was replaced 3 months ago (DENSO part) and has been quite since but for the last week it is very...
  16. J

    Silver E55 on Gumtree

    What do you guys think of this ? Is it anyone's on the forum ? https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-e55-2004-550bhp/1260558450
  17. Mr Fixit

    Braided lines on an E55

    Guys, in the past I have always changed the rubber brake lines for braided lines on the C32 and both my C55. I now have an E55 and need to replace the front metal pipes so thought I'd do the lines at the same time. The question is 'is it worth in on the E55?' mainly because of the assisted...
  18. J

    essex based, where can I get e55 headers fitted

    Hi all I have eurocharged headers I want to fit but need someone good to do the work. Looking for someone local as would need to leave there car there. Thanks
  19. J

    Mission to Find an E55 !

    Hey, Im Bilal, currently own a collection of Japanese Cars (Impreza Type R, 180SX, DC2 Turbo, Civic Turbo, Mugen RR, Evo VI). Looking to add an E55 to my collection, so doing some research and looking to source the right one, seems like all the ones up for sale are mainly silver. But...
  20. 350cls

    C63 boxes on e55 w211

    Just curious are all oval tipped rear c63 boxes compatible for the w21155 Thanks
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