1. mark_le_b

    W210 e60 amg

    2002 Mercedes-Benz E Class E60 AMG AUTO 6.0 V8 32V 4dr | eBay pricey or worth it because it is rare??
  2. Palfrem

    Brave pills anyone. Ex Japan W210 E60

    EXTREMELY RARE W210 MERCEDES E60 AMG 65K LHD (1 OF 200 EVER MADE WORLWIDE) | eBay It's in Brum so may take a look.
  3. ringway

    Mercedes W210 E60 AMG. Rust Free!

    Shame it's a left hooker, but rare, and a car to marvel at. LINK.
  4. S

    Very Rare Mercedes E60 AMG W210 1997

    Hi Fellow Enthusiasts, I would really appreciate your input in putting an evaluation on this rare Mercedes E60 AMG W210 1997. Details are: 62K miles. LHD. Black with two tone leather interior (black and white) 6.0 litre V8 AMG They were only made on request with binding order directly from...
  5. mercmush

    E60 AMG Limited for sale

  6. D

    Brabus W210 E60 - [Cars and Classics]

    BRABUS E60 1 of only 6 Worldwide For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK [C630171]
  7. O

    Brabus E60

    Beeeuutiful Brabus E60 at this mornings Preston supercar meet Disappeared before I could get a snap. Full jobby including motor. Hope someone attending can put a snap on here Very jealous.
  8. Palfrem

    Low miles Mercedes E60 AMG

    Mercedes E60 AMG Limited 1 Of 12 19000 Miles 12 Ever Produced | eBay Very nice - £75K though?
  9. I

    Mercedes E60 AMG

    Mercedes E60 AMG LIMITED EDITION W124 | eBay Looks like it might be a bit quick!
  10. W

    W124 e60

    Mercedes E60 AMG LIMITED EDITION | eBay Lovely (even if it is 'very rear'), but hasn't it been for sale somewhere else quite recently?
  11. B

    CLS63 AMG 2008 vs E60 M5 2008

    I know there's a good chance in this topic having been done to death, but I thought I'd resurrect it to see what the current members views are on both cars.From performance, ownership, maintanence,reliabilty, prefference. Anything really. I think it would be interesting reading.:thumb: If...
  12. B

    997 GT3 vs E60 M5

    Old video, But don't those old Slow no Torque M5's pull very well :D Porsche 997 GT3 vs BMW M5 E60 - YouTube
  13. B

    Another 1 of 12 W124 E60 AMG

    FINN.no - Mulighetenes marked £50k less (thereabouts) than the infamous Jap import one from Motocars::bannana::D Mercedes E60 AMG Limited 1of 12 | Moto Cars :wallbash:
  14. AnimMerc

    Mercedes E60 AMG

    Used 1995 Mercedes-Benz AMG for sale in Berkshire | Pistonheads
  15. W

    AMG M120 E60 with 450 PS and 610 Nm

    Has anybody here heard of this rare AMG M120 E60 version? Is supposed to have 450 PS and 610 Nm. Seems to be the export version for the Far East of this 324 kW/441 PS and 600 Nm version. See picture. And more in the article. ISSUU - AMG CNM 01/2005 by Werbeagentur Frank Bode GmbH Page 28 and up.
  16. Nik_Endeavour

    W211 or E60 5 Series

    Due to having changed jobs which would require a commute again (32 miles each way from Bristol to Swindon) the RX-8 is not going to be a viable economical choice. I am torn between a W211 (have wanted one for ages) and a recently discovery on a 5 series of the same age. Budget is slightly...
  17. Howard

    Nice w124 E60 at Brooklands at the mo

  18. swannymere

    W124 E60 Limited £109k

    Couldn't see if it's been posted yet so... Mercedes W124 E60 Limited :crazy:
  19. M

    ANOTHER E60 AMG Limited.....

    Nope, it's not the same one as the £120k car mentioned on here the other day, but at £85k, it's on the rather optimistic side! Take a look and see what you think: CLICK HERE There's no denying it's a beautiful example of a rare car. Darren
  20. I

    £120k E60 AMG

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