1. I

    Anyone tried Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 ?

    I need to get a new set of rears on my other german car, I currently have the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 on at the moment and wondered if anyone had tried the latest version as im getting close to the wear indicator. I love the grip the F1s have but they seem to wear pretty quick
  2. E

    4 x TYRES - GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 - 255/35/19

    The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 255/35 R19 96Y tyres were fitted to an Audi A6 with 19" RS4 wheels, but shortly after fitting I had the alloys repainted so the tyres are now removed. Approx tread remaining: Tyre 1: 7.5mm Tyre 2: 7.5mm Tyre 3: 6mm Tyre 4: 5mm Price: £360 efunc (at) sky.com...
  3. K

    Goodyear Eagle Assymetrics!!

    Hi all, I have a silly thing happening at the moment.....I have had 4x Goodyear Assymetrics on for about a month now ...the fronts seem ok but the rears make the car skittish ......instead of the rear just rolling over the bump or cats eye in damp weather it will skid off it sideways or just...
  4. Borys

    285 35 19 x2 Good Year Eagle F1

    Brand new, looking for 300quid or near offer Would also swap for 245/40/19's or 255/40/19's Thanx
  5. T

    Nearly new 255/35/18 94Y XL GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 Assymetric 2 Tyres

    Hi Guys, I am selling 2 Goodyear F1 asymmetric 2 Tyres in size 255/35/18 94Y XL rating with rim protector. The tread depth is the full 8mm. These are effectively new tyres fitted to my vehicle yesterday but don't suit my car which should have MO fitment which these tyres aren't. The receipt...
  6. M

    What tyre to replace Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 ?

    It was the quietest tyre I ever saw. I bought them new 10 years ago. The most comfortable ride and tremendous grip.... I wanted to refresh them (or at least the rear pair) but cant find any in stock for my size. 225/55/R16.. speed 140+ mph. Anyone has pair stashed in the garage for...
  7. J

    3 x goodyear eagle F1 235/40/18 tyres

    got 3 of these for sale, on ebay at the moment but happy to do a deal with a forum member if wanted..cheers Goodyear Eagle F1 235 40 ZR18 tyres x3 very good tread | eBay
  8. Alps

    Good year Eagle F1 Rim protectors

    Just fitted a set of Good year Eagle F1 Asy 2 on the rears, noticed the rim protectors are huge! the must be about 1cm from the Rim. i dont think i can drive on a decked setting on my lowering module any longer as i think they will rub! hopefully be ok once worn down a little. looks like a...
  9. O

    1X tire Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 225/55/16

    Hi, I need one of those Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 225/55/16 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 | the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 reviewed and rated | the online tyre guide part worned is more then fine but it need a good amount of tread left on it :) Cheers. Olivier
  10. BaldGuy

    For Sale - Goodyear Eagle F1 285/30/19 x 2

    As I've upgraded to wider rears I have these 2 mint Tyres for sale... They have 7mm across the tyre on each and I have recently had a puncture repair in the centre of the tread done by Porsche Reading. Bargain at £180 Based in Hampshire
  11. trapperjohn

    Legal Eagle "Cold Case" Research.

    Santa bought a couple of new(ish) pushbikes to the Trapper garage. Which lead to a conversation about "pedaling furiously" Not as there is any danger of that happening here. Local myth and legend has it that the first such court case was brought after a cyclist was "knicked" for that self same...
  12. A

    Pair of Goodyear Eagle 225/55/17 tyres

    I have a pair of Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 Tyres in 225/55/17 size from a 2003 S Class. The speed rating is W. These tyres are "MO" marked which means that they meet Mercedes specifications. One has approximatley 5mm of tread The other has approximatley 4mm of tread. They have had no...
  13. P

    Goodyear Eagle F1 265/40/18 AND 245/45/18 all have 6mm tread left

    For sale I have some exc cond goodyear eagle f1 265/40/18 with 6mm tread, came of a mercedes s class. £55 ea or £100 a pair Goodyear excellence 245/45/18 again 6mm tread £50 ea or £90 a pair If someone wants all 4 £180 thats a bargain £45ea, these tyres cost that...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Free to a good home: Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2 215/40 ZR 17 tyre

    I have a single Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2 215/40 ZR 17 tyre that's free to a good home, taken off my 2001 Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo a few years ago. Since then it's been sat in the dark, on it's side, out of harm's way in the garage, but please do remember that this is NOT a new tyre, or a...
  15. A

    Goodyear Eagle F1's

    So, 1 year and 5 months on, 15800 miles, and in the MOT yesterday my car passed with flying colours... except i got an Advisory on both my rear tyres :o Considering the way i drive, i'm actually very impressed. They still have a good 3-4k miles on them i think, they have about 5mm tread depth...
  16. GrahamC230K

    Part Worn (specifically) Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 225/45 17

    I've an eye out for a Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 tyre, 225/45 ZR17 91W tyre. Anything with more than 4.5 mm even wear and in otherwise good condition, considered. 5-6mm ideal. If you have or see anything please let me know (PM pls). TIA Graham
  17. W

    Strange Tyre Wear on 2003 E/W211 with Goodyear Eagle 245/45/17 95W MO

    Guys, looking to see if anyone has had issues with tyre wear on W211 with Goodyear 245/45/17 MO (8.5Jx17 OEM alloys). OSR tyre worn on inner edge but one third of it has inverted quarter wear down to canvas, other three quarter looks OK. Tyre has travelled approx 30K miles but tread wear on...
  18. mb240

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric (replaces old Eagle F1 and GSD3)

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone here has any experience of the new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres. They are the replacement tyre for the old GSD-3 and older Eagle F1. I was/am running Pilot Sport 2's, which have been good although expensive. However, on looking at replacements now, it...
  19. M

    Goodyear Eagle F1's

    I have a 1995 E320 Coupe, running 18" AMG wheels with tyre size 225/40/R18 I was running Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres until recently. These were brilliant tyres, but decided to give the Goodyears a try, on the recommendation of a friend. And my goodness they're good! Grip in the in dry...
  20. W

    Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 - Please check your tyres

    Just heard about a thread from another forum - apparantly some unscrupulous suppliers have been importing tyres from Thailand that are not legal for UK road use and could be potentially dangerous. Apparantly the construction and compound are inferior. If you are using Eagle F1s please spend 2...
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