1. Meldrew2

    A word in your ear.....

    Dear dingbat in the new E Class Yes, I was aware that you came up like a bat out of hell and then sat right on my tail, flashing your lights, before you undertook me. You see, I was about to turn right at the roundabout. I saw you slam on your brakes at the speed camera. I know you must...
  2. E

    Rear box delete

    Has anyone done this to any 350 Cdi's? Any benefits? Better or worse sounding?
  3. AnilS

    In ear headphones whilst driving?

    .............. is it illegal? I know of bikers who wear them and seen a rise in people using ipods/mp3 players in their cars. I want to drive the Merc topless and don't want to embarass others with my music collection :o, but have never done so as I want to be aware of my surroundings. The in...
  4. E

    Wanted - Man with Andrew Lloyd Weber ear for Diesel Engines

    w210 E300TD OM606 turbo engine I've recently changed the glow plugs and injectors.....Now starts lovely. There is the usual diesel knock at tickover. It ceases once the car is above idle. However another knocking/pinking noise starts between 1000 and 1500 rpm. Just the sweet sound of a merc...
  5. MercFanUk

    Squeak in my ear...

    Hi all, today I seem to have started getting a little squeak in my right ear. It's not constant, but appears when there's a loud(ish) noise around, such as a raised voice etc. Anybody ever had this before? It's been happening all day and is getting really annoying :wallbash:
  6. Tan

    Ear phones

    Hi I am going to buy some new ear phones when I am over in new york. I am debating between Bose, Sure's or does any have any other recomendations? Many thanks Tan
  7. Gucci

    I need sennheiser cx300 ear adapters!

    Well, 1 at least. I lost one of them....but can't find replacements....any ideas? :crazy:
  8. pammy

    iPod ear buds

    Darling daughter's earbuds are about to die - she's now pinched mine :mad: So she desperately needs some replacements. Trouble is she's picky and only wants the original Ipod ones - not replica's or alternatives as the real ones fit her ears really well. You'd think it was easy to get them - but...
  9. P

    Dlink Wireless network sent out on its ear!

    refers to a Dlink DI-624 and DSL 300g modem .... I write this on my new Linksys WAG54G wireless network :bannana: I finally gave up on the my Dlink router for good :( having spent weeks trying to diagnose the cause of random network hangs, I decided to bit the bullet and upgrade the...
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