1. Arthur Daley

    Earliest W126 - Any Way Of Finding Out For Sure?

    As some of you know I currently have a 1981 W registration W126 280se which is in excellent good order. I use the car as a daily driver at the moment and because I don't have a big enough garage at present it sits outside. Interior is immaculate. Exterior is very very good apart from some slight...
  2. Arthur Daley

    Earliest W126

    My W126 is a 1981 280 SE on a W Registration..could this be one of the earliest examples left? :dk: Cheers
  3. Ian B Walker

    Earliest deliveries (domestic)

    Its now 11:15pm and the bl00dy milk man has just delivered our milk :crazy:. Dog went daft and I jumped a little. What's the earliest you have had a domestic delivery?
  4. D

    what's your earliest motoring memory?

    I was reading a magazine interview where this was one of the questions posed and it got me thinking. At first I would have said that being fascinated by the little coloured globes on the centre wheelcaps of Dad's Triumph something or other. But then I remembered that Dad's cars got bigger...
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