1. pauljbpaul

    Seeking early 129 two tone colour code

    Hello all, My 1990 500SL is arctic white, a little too much arctic white as its had the plastics colour coded instead of the original two tone it came with, i love the early two tone look so want to have the plastics repainted, i contacted mercedes for the lower colour code and they gave me...
  2. P

    Am I too early?

    So, I get my first Mercedes tomorrow, but thought I'd say hello tonight anyway. I'm a long time VW Transporter driver and have been around the T4 Forum a bit, but the time has come, the van has sold and tomorrow I get the keys to a 1990 W124 260E. I'll introduce you to the car later in...
  3. Chrishazle

    Early W/S204 Comand Maps/HDD Problem

    Over on t'other side we've been discussing the problem early 204 owners with Comand have for updating the maps after V12 2014/15 - the newer maps are too big for the nav partition on the HDD. Well, some good news! Alfie at Comand.co.uk has just posted that they have successfully bench tested a...
  4. E

    Early '90s G Wagon - Ride Quality?

    What's the ride quality like on an early to mid '90s W463 G Wagon?
  5. S

    Is it worth changing air filters early?

    I have usually changed the air filter annually, around every 20k, on my previous cars as they were easy and relatively cheap. The schedule for my OM642 is 4 years or approx every 46k, and was last done during the service before last. The mileage currently is 78k, with the next service due @...
  6. E

    early c63 amg buyers guide

    Hi All Been looking for a comprehensive guide on buying a early 2008 c63 amg. Things to look out for specific questions to ask tell tell signs of big issues to come.. also, ive seen a car with extended warranty on sale from a private seller 08 reg 62k on the clock how much wold the...
  7. grober

    Early Unimog

    A far cry from the modern portal axle beomoths. The originals were built by Boehringer as a post war Mercedes were not allowed to manufacture 4wd vehicles ! eMercedesBenz Feature:* Daimler-Benz Launches The Unimog At The German Agricultural Show In Frankfurt | eMercedesBenz - The Unofficial...
  8. P

    S204 early 2011 Side mirror repeater/indicator lens

    I all. Looks like someone has clipped my mirror resulting in just the actual repeater light lens being smashed. Pretty sure these are a part in their own right. Does anyone have either the MB part number or the actual part for the offside but that I need. Thanks Adam
  9. shanksy

    Any early CLS owners out there ?

    Hi all, I am having an internal debate whether to part with the W124 coupe, not because I have fallen out of love with it, but as i've had her a good 7/8 years now, more for a change. I was looking at E39 540i's as I do very little mileage these days and could afford the fuel. However...
  10. brucemillar

    Very early (1987) 124 Wagon question.

    Team Can anybody please tell me how my sills are fixed to the car? This is a 1987 Wagon-pre Saco Panels. From what I see I have tin sills with holes for the jack tubes. I then have weather plugs on each jack tube (not clipped into the sills) Are the sills welded on? Are they expensive...
  11. D

    mercedes w124 early 1993 facelift e320 convertible

    on copart finishing tomorrow MERZ E320 AUTO
  12. poormansporsche

    Lovely very very early C280

    If I hadn't just bought another spare car id be all over this one Mercedes Benz C280 24 valve Straight 6 Auto 1994 ONLY 65,000 Miles Fully Loaded | eBay :thumb:
  13. M

    Early W221 - HVAC on the blink - how to get codes and reset?

    Hello all - apologies if this has been answered before, I cannot find anything specific. MY 2006 W221's heater has just started to exhibit an intermittent fault; when it goes wrong, the fans run at a medium-high setting, whether the system is on or off - when on, the air is hot (very hot)...
  14. A

    Buying advice - E63 Estate - 5.5 biturbo. Early model 2011-2012

    As title, any tips or advice gratefully received. Or perhaps a pointer to the best UK forum to discuss, if this is not it? Cheers
  15. H

    early W220 AMG wheels

    Hello, as above, want to put them on my project car. Part numbers as follows: AMG 18 8.5J ET 44 part number A2204010802 AMG 18 9.5J ET 46 part number A2204010902 They can be in need of a refurb, with or without tyres, just not buckled/welded Thanks in advance
  16. Londonscottish

    Early Christmas Present

    At 135,451 miles my 2005 S211 just sailed through yet another MOT. The only advisory was a slightly worn lower balljoint which I knew about anyway. All ready for it's next road trip to Dorset. Happy Christmas one an all :-)
  17. D

    Early W212 E Class vs BMW F10 5 Series opinions

    Hi All Was hoping for some opinions from people who have driven both the W212 and BMW F10 5 Series, if you had a £14k budget which one would you go for? due to budget it'll be the early models of each so I'm a bit concerned about reliability of both models, looks like I can just about get a...
  18. U

    Late W211 or Early W212

    Hello Guys, I'm torn between buying a very late W211 or very early W212 and I do need all the advice that I can get from the more knowledgeable/experienced Merc owners. Due to budgetary constraints, I'm looking at 2008 Model W211 or 2009 Model W212. I've got a few questions; firstly...
  19. P

    Early Brabus modifications?

    I recently bought a 1981 500 sec that the seller called a Brabus. The owner inherited the car from his father and besides badly mistreating the car, he's has lost all the paperwork. The only item on the car that says Brabus is the speedometer, which says; BRABUS Autosport. I should add that...
  20. Rob77

    Early AMG paint schemes

    My W201's pearl grey metallic. I will do the Gen 2 bumpers, ducktail, skirts and cladding in body colour. I think I'll paint the grill surround and chrome radiator strips body colour too and the grill insert satin black. What does the panel think about the bumper inserts, door handles and...
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