1. The _Don

    How to earn $45.6 million over a weekend

    Oprah Winfrey's stake in Weight Watchers sends share price soaring http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/oct/19/oprah-winfrey-takes-stake-in-weight-watchers
  2. MercedesDriver

    How do they earn their salary at all

    I have sent 5 enquiries to different MB dealers for W212 estates and have received only one callback which resulted with an offer. 4 dealers obviously didn't find it important that some prospect customer intend to transfer some money to their employer bank account. Are they really so full that...
  3. dougal74

    Any web designer/host guru want to earn some consultancy?

    Our (Dutch) web hosting company at work is giving us the runaround. Our site Work has been down for a few days as it appears some of the data has been infected by a virus. We host large amounts of A/V files in a secure password protected area (along with basic co. information etc.) Instead...
  4. H

    Lost more than you earn?

    Following a thread posted by "usedcar show" on high mileage(a good point of merc ownership), I would like to compete for most depreciation suffered on a merc(a bad point). I am sure I will not win but am disgusted at residuals on the used merc I bought. CLK 320(w208) 2000 on a W - bought for...
  5. E

    Earn £5 if you complain about your dealer

    Guys, After having been so poorly treated by Mercedes Benz UK I decided that I would setup an website where everyone can air their gripes, so why not check it out: www.mercedesbenzuksucks.co.uk Have fun Regards Jo
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