1. whitenemesis

    Just What on Earth are These People On???

    Phones, vodka, drugs???? Truly unbelievable :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]EihcNGBAktI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. clk320x

    W209 Xenon Earth Point

    Can anybody confirm the earthing points for W209s for the Xenon lights? As of previous threads mine fail to start sometimes and need restarting before working perfectly Will check earth before replacing bulbs or SAM? As both sides are affected not sure if last owner put in cheap bulbs, as...
  3. R

    Google Earth up dates.

    So, there I was casually browsing Google Earth and saw that the image from space had been updated over my house...last August. So, as you do, I zoomed in to see what I could see. What did I see? Answer in 24 hours...unless a correct answer is given first.
  4. D

    What on earth is that? Bizarre ...

    Strangest mod ever and yes. That's 10k. Customised 320 Mercedes CLK Elegance | eBay
  5. W

    CLK 320 battery + short to earth!

    Hi I'm a new member. 1998 CLK320 petrol 92,000 miles. Stored for three years, battery dead, I replaced the battery along with the starter motor, and a new petrol filter. I took it for a two mile spin, ran fairly well, engine needs tuning. This is a pristine unblemished example inside and out...
  6. ash59fifty-uk

    What on earth?

    What sort of car coating/covering is this? A kind of velour/velvet looking material. Spotted in Derby today before I hit Pride park, never seen that before. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as it approached in the mirror, reminds me of the Dumb & dumber film! It didn't look tacky...
  7. fab1975

    Scum of the earth steal a Q7 in Birmingham

    Video: Man attacked in violent carjacking outside his own home - Telegraph Excuse my language folks... but I am totally lost for words!
  8. ItalianTuneUp

    Maurice White - Earth, Wind and Fire dies

    Earth, Wind & Fire soul band founder Maurice White dies -
  9. poormansporsche

    12V 15 amp Neg earth in the Workshop ?????

    alright good peoples, Im building a custom loom for my electric, heated, ortho seats and need to create a power supply to test before I fit to the car. If I use a car battery for the 12V supply can i connect the earth wires of the loom to the negative terminal of the battery ?? I was...
  10. Pittsey

    W204 Earth Wire for lighting Melted

    So... I had the earth wire issue with my W204 C Class on the passenger side rear cluster. Melted about 30mm of sheathing, the connector and the base plate. I bought all the new bits and set about taking the pins out of the old connector. Now it's been about 3 years since I have been on the...
  11. richard300

    M104 Bad earth? effecting cylinders 3 and 4...

    Had a missfire develop out of the nowhere on my 1996 S280. It seemed to move around (sometimes cylinders 1 and 6, sometimes 3 and 4 etc).... but now seems to be constant on cylinders 3 and 4. A friend had a look and traced to fault to the connection (poor earth/permanent live) to the plug...
  12. E

    trying to get in contact with Acid

    Its been really difficult getting hold of of Acid this week :( I know he is a busy guy but does anyone have a contact number they can pm me for him...... Need to get the 77mm pulley bug out my system and get the damn beast booked in ASAP :rock:
  13. ricky300ce

    dashboard clocks earth

    hi I have a problem with my dash clocks the oil pressure gauge & rev counter only work when I push the clocks back in half way could this be an earthing problem as when I push clocks fully in they don't work but all other gauges work any advice welcome
  14. A

    Battery earth

    I would like to know where the battery earth cable attaches to the body on a W168. I do know that the earth cable is bolted to the rear of the sump pan but there is a slightly thinner cable that bolts to the body somewhere underneath the car.
  15. Druk

    Google Earth

    Watched 'The Holiday' tonight and outa curiosity Googled where it was filmed. Shere in Surrey; so Google Earthed that. Look what appeared in the pic... Any others? .
  16. P

    R Class body earth point

    R class not starting so I have attempted to charge the battery. Got the manual out showing location of the jump start terminals. Found the positive no problem. The negative terminal is supposed to be right next to positive according to the manual but it is not there for some reason. So I am...
  17. 24karrat

    West Midlands - AMG Summer cruise AKA Earth day

    Hi Guys, In the up coming summer season, would any fellow members be interested in a Pre-merger AMG cruise, gathering, drink over a mix grill, one of the days in the hot summer sound like something you'd be interested in? As a fellow MB purist & enthusiate I'm also a part time...
  18. ringway

    A House that doesn't cost the Earth.

    Source. The Telegraph. Michael Buck has realised a dream that many of us hold with his home-made cottage built of thick cob, but is a little disappointed that it cost him the sum of £150 to build it. The house has windows made from a truck windscreen, a log burner, bunk bed and uses a...
  19. developer

    Google Earth Shows Where The Big Nobs Live

    And the residents are none too happy, it seems... Particularly Mr Smith: "I live right at the end", he ejaculated...:D
  20. T

    W168 - Underbonnet Earth Points

    Hi, I've noticed a couple of earth cables not attached to anything and was hoping someone could post a picture of the following areas so that I could see where to re-attach the earth straps: 1, The first one is basically a wire just below the coolant tank. I think it's a 3-way earth point...
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