1. Stratman

    Italians scientists jailed for not predicting earthquake

    Like the title says, six Italian scientists have been convicted of manslaughter for not correctly predicting the L'Aquila earthquake (BBC) Stand by for nightly "There might be an earthquake tonight" reports just after the weather forecast :dk:
  2. st13phil

    Japan Earthquake hits Mercedes-Benz Options

    It would appear that the Japanese earthquake is starting to affect the supply of certain parts to Mercedes-Benz. I was told by my dealer yesterday that it is currently not possible to order certain models with Audio 20, and that for models affected Navigation 50 is now effectively the base...
  3. ringway

    Earthquake in Cumbria. Are you okay Camerafodder?

    A small earthquake has shaken Cumbria. LINK.
  4. reflexboy

    Earthquake experiences

    I have just returned from holiday in Lardos, Rhodes, having experienced the earthquake early Tuesday morning. Apparently it hit 6.3 on the richter scale and was about 45 miles down and to the south of the island under the sea. Neighbouring islands also felt it. I awoke to the sound of the wall...
  5. mercmanuk

    manchester earthquake appeal

    An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale hit Salford this morning. The epicentre was Ordsall. Casualties were seen wandering aimlessly ,one man spotted wandering who claimed his name was Eric was found saying "bang out of order" "mental" and "sorted". The earthquake decimated...
  6. GazCaff


    There's just been an earthquake in Manchester! I can still feel tremors now! I'm up late, too lazy to go to bed and this has just woke me up good and proper! :crazy:
  7. A


    got woken up this morning with the house shaking checked the news to find out that Folkestone has been hit by an earthquake Andy
  8. F

    pakistan earthquake

    just wanted to express my deepest sympathies and condolences to all those people who have lost their loved ones in this tragedy. my parents are out there at the moment and when this earthquake happened they were on the phone to me in tears and full of fear as they told me walls and buildings...
  9. Simon

    Tsunami Earthquake Appeal

    If any of you want to donate some money, this is the Disasters Emergency Committee Website who are managing the appeal in the UK.
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