1. D

    New member in East Hertfordshire

    Good afternoon all, I have just managed to acquire a 1997 R170 SLK230 Kompressor in Briillant Silver. I've had a few cars in my lifetime, (and Bikes) and have bought this car following a couple of accidents in my last two vehicles in the last seven months. One was an mid-life-crisis MGF 1.8VVC...
  2. OneForTheRoad

    a call out for the north east.

    anyone have a scanner capable of resetting my aircon , mb2 by icarsoft etc . many thanks . beer tokens on offer . :thumb:
  3. FateSynchro

    W211 - E63, Gearbox issues - North East Specialist????

    Fellow AMGers My dads W211 E63 is having some random issues, it occasionaly gets stuck in gear and will only drop out of said gear when turned off and restarted. He said the EML came on once but has gone back off now. I have a scanner which i'll use this Friday, but i just wonderd if this...
  4. TypeXXI

    South East Wales

    Is there a regional group for South East Wales? Be interested in occasional meets, cruises, trips to events etc.
  5. D

    East London fire.

    Yikes. Bethnal Green fire: Flats evacuated as flames spread - BBC News There doesn't seem to be any fatalities (yet) thank goodness.
  6. T

    Any good indy specialists in East London?

    Looking for a good indy in East London if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks
  7. X

    Newbie into from the scorchio North East

    Firstly, newbie and second post in the MBClub website (cheating!!). Thanks for letting me in! :thumb: Got an old CLK 320 (W209) and an even older ML270 (W163) - Discovered Mercs 3 years ago and I can't see me ever buying anything else. That CLK is such a nice cabin to be in. I'm a big...
  8. R

    Newbie From East London

    Hi guys recently purchased a W204 C220 coupe a few months back. Just wanted to say hi.
  9. FateSynchro

    North East indies????

    As above basically looking for someone in the north east, ideally teesside area but wiling to travel. Need to have Star/xentry and be able to update software as im looking for software updates at less than a million pounds which is what Merc will want!
  10. M

    4 Post Lift for Hire in the South East

    Does anyone know of any garages based in the South East that hire out 4 post lifts? I want to set up my suspension as the heights in each corner are all over the place.
  11. wiggo220

    Worthing / South East INDIES

    Any reccomendations for a good independent / specialist around worthing / sussex area. I've found these few and would like feedback if you've used them before. John Haynes - Worthing Newtons - Chichester INAUTOS - Lingfield Cheers Matt
  12. gbjeppm

    Any Motorbikers out there in the South East?

    OK, i may get some heat from some on the dangers of motorcycles, but i can take it. I guess it must be the mid life crisis, but at the age of 47, i feel the need to be on two wheels. I messed about on bikes a bit when i was a teenager, on L plates, managed to be sensible and not kill...
  13. c180081c

    Dent repair/reliable Bodyshop East Lancashire

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for the above? I've got a long crease down the door and some small scratches that are fairly deep. I know there's a lot of cowboys around. Are there any specifics that need to be adhered to with Mercedes paint? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. lfckeeper

    Full camber caster toe alignment North East

    Can anyone recommend a full alignment place in the North East (Not MB Teesside- I wouldn't give them the s--t off my shoe or Prestige Stockton they always seem uninterested, which is a shame as both are about 4 mins away). Unfortunately the most recommended people on here (WIM) are too far...
  15. bob6600

    East is East and Bollywood Star Om Puri Dies aged 66

    Loved that film and he was a huge bollywood star First to make the 2017 list unfortunately https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/06/om-puri-indian-actor-dies-aged-66?CMP=fb_gu
  16. sssammm

    East End Merc?

    Must be
  17. M.A.94

    Specialists around the north east

    Any recommended mercedes benz specialist around the north east, ideally in newcastle or Gateshead? Thanks
  18. DavE400

    Hi from South East Wales

    Hi to everyone, having bought a 2014 E400 C207 approx 2 months and found this forum in looking for general info on a few minor issues I'd like to say thanks for the wealth of information posted which has been beneficial to date. Any specific info on E400's most welcome and hope to contribute as...
  19. D

    New member East Midlands

    Hello! I've run a 312d sprinter now for 12 years and its just had its 20th Birthday, this has been one of the best vehicles ive ever owned but is starting to suffer from a bit of "tin worm" not bad for its age though. Ive replaced this with a Vito 115 Sport which I'm very happy with so far...
  20. M

    Car Undersealing - South East London

    Hi, New member here - Currently acquired a 92' 500E that was from JAPAN. The underbody of the car has zero rust, however, now being in the UK with the wet and damp weather I want to get the underbody of the car protected. Does anyone have any recommendations of any companies located in South...
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