1. gl boy

    Easter sunday night !!!

    Well I got up bank holiday Monday to discover my number plates stolen off my E CLASS !!!! What a inconvenience !!!! Police notified and crime number issued ,, Will see what I get through the post !!!! Some say stole my numbers for petrol forecourt robberies , armed robberies , and also...
  2. Fendttrisix

    Easter courtesy car

    Looking forward to picking up the E43Amg from Mercedes Benz of Edinburgh today for the Easter weekend. Should be fun. Need to take it back on Monday though
  3. Darrell

    Happy Easter

    To any Greeks we have here.
  4. bob6600

    Happy Easter!!

    Are we still allowed to say that?? :D Happy Easter to those celebrating :thumb:
  5. S

    Easter Specials at my favourite place...

    My favourite website I noticed has Easter specials on whilst I was stocking up earlier on wheel cleaner... EASTER SAVINGS
  6. Druk

    Easter Sunday telly

    Channel 4 tonight 8.00pm. Scottish Canals. The Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel if you've never seen them. :thumb:
  7. Crazyfool

    Happy Easter All

    I was blessed this morning with a large bar of Whole Nut and two massive skid marks on the roof of my car!! How about you?
  8. crockers

    Easter 50 shades of Chocolate

    For all you chocolate fans... Mr Cadbury met Miss Rowntree on a Double Decker. It was just After Eight. They got off at Quality Street . ... He asked her name. 'Polo, I'm the one with the hole' she said, with a Wispa. ... ... 'I'm Marathon , the one with the nuts' he replied. He...
  9. E

    Free Easter Egg Offer | 30% Off Castrol Oil

    Hi guys, Leading upto the Easter bank holiday we've launched a great offer - Get 25% off your Car Parts AND 30% off All Castrol Oils *PLUS* a FREE Easter egg with all Click and Collect orders over £50!! ...
  10. reflexboy

    Shops Easter opening

    Happy Easter everyone! Does anyone know if B&Q and Pets at Home are open today, Easter Monday, because as usual, their websites have no particular info?
  11. Igurisu

    Chester for Easter weekend - recomend some good pubs?

    As title, the good lady and I are spending the weekend in Chester. We will be visiting the food and drink festival at the racecourse during the day, then going to Oulton Park for F3 racing on Monday. Its a few years since we were last there, just wondering if anybody can recomend any...
  12. S

    My Easter Break

    With my only day off work this splendid bank holiday Yesterday I thought I'd take me and my Lady for a run in the car. We set off From Glasgow, up Loch Lomond, over the A83 to Inverary (taking in the spectacular rest and be-thankful pass. Leaving Inverarry, we headed over to Dalmally, then...
  13. M

    big headache over easter

    Thursday night on the way home from work looking forward to the weekend out an about( my first days off since xmas), i got stuck in traffic 3mile tail back.thne Pufffffffffff! omg radiator let go in a cloud of steam i had no warning whatsoever temp was reading the normal 90, iam gutted truely...
  14. Spinal

    Easter egg on facebook...

    Does anyone remember: UP UP, DOWN DOWN, LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, B, A? Well, try entering that sequence when on facebook, and then hit enter... Someone's been playing too many retro games ;) M.
  15. O

    Oilman’s Easter Event: 25% - 35% off (nearly) everything at Opie Oils!

    Folks, If you didn't already know... as a user of this forum you’ll get a discount of up to 20%, and at least 10% at Opie Oils… And as one of our rare but wonderful across-the-board offers, you can get an additional 15% off using voucher code OPIEEGG, and there’s no minimum spend either...
  16. The Boss

    Have a Good Easter All!

    Ladies and gents. im flying out to Vegas (tomorrow) Thursday Morning till mid week next week. Thus sadly i shall prob not have access to my computer and as such would not be around for Easter, so what ever you shall be doing this Easter Holiday, have a good one! If i spot anything exciting in...
  17. pammy

    Happy Easter everyone

    Hope you all have a lovely time and manage to do what you plan to do - be that DIY, Caravanning or whatever :D . Don't eat all your eggs in one go!! We're off to Ireland on Monday for a few days and really looking forward to it. Praying that the weather picks up a bit - Pammy and boats don't...
  18. Mactech

    Easter presents

    It seems both my Mercs have got easter presents. I had been looking for some time for something to give the interior of the E Class a little lift as the black leather and dark wood seemed little gloomy after the previous light grey car. It is very practical though:) Managed to get these...
  19. A

    how to have a bad Easter Monday

    1. buy a car as a run around. 2. make sure the key does not work in the barrel 3. find out it is not the barrel coded to the VIN 4. order a new lock set 5. get lock set 3 weeks later from the stealer's 6. wait for a day when your not busy to fit them, put aside 3 hrs 7. on day go out to car...
  20. pammy

    Happy Easter one and all

    Hope the Easter Bunny has brought you lots of lurverly chocolate:devil: :devil: The sun is shining yet again so no excuse for not enjoying yourselves - and if you've got a drop top - then enjoy that ickle bit more:devil: :devil: :devil:
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