1. paul73mt

    Easy repair?? recommendations for repairs

    I got this on my driver seat and was wondering if its possible to repair and if so could anybody recommend anybody (pref one that's mobile ) I did start to message 'chips away' but didn't finish it Thanks Paul
  2. M

    E class (W213) LED projectors fitting, easy..??

    Is it as easy as seen in this video..?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX4c1Gt4N8M
  3. J

    Can any tell me the easy way to fit an alarm in my Vito?

    I am thinking of doing electrics in a few weeks , running all my accessories off a leisure battery ,linked to main battery via a Digital relay. Will run the following off it: Main Stereo/Tablet for sat nav. USB/fag lighter charging points. Small inverter for mainly laptop / power...
  4. Vintage Racer

    R129. - How easy to change complete headlight units

    Need to change the headlights (standard lights) over to LHD on my 2001 SL320. The dealer wants £1000.00 (1200.00 euros) to supply & fit. I can pick up a pair of new 'aftermarket' light units for around 450.00 euros. So question is............how easy is it to change the units myself...
  5. CowleyStJames

    Easy load tailgate on S212not latching

    Hi guys, my tailgate on my W212 isn't locking when power closed. It doesn't even sound like it's trying to. However, if I close the tailgate by pushing down, it locks fine Any ideas?
  6. D

    Easy question: Location of glow plug relay 2007 E320

    Whilst lying here with the lurgy, I was contemplating the upcoming changing of the glow plug relay. I've realised I don't know where it is, so I thought the forum might like to enlighten me, as inevitably I going to end up doing it in the dark and rain with a slightly dodgy torch and a...
  7. Deadly Dave

    Easy DRLs for a 124 Merc

    It really is this easy ! I fitted a 10amp diode between fuses 6 and 8. Note the direction. Now when the ignition is on the front and rear sidelights come on and the headlights come on dim dip. The dashboard lights and number plate lights do not come on. The only downside is that the lights are...
  8. gaz_l

    Easy restoration.

    Hmm.. 1954 Riley Saloon | eBay Cheers, Gaz
  9. Abcan

    Easy clean

    Just given the car a first wash after its winter wax using Carlack 68 and Collinite 845. Can't believe how easy it was to clean. Both products were recommended on here. Very impressed.
  10. C

    Easy Entry System

    Hi all, does anyone know why I cant activate the Easy Entry system on my 2003 E240 saloon. It was working fine until I serviced the car the other day and I reset the service reminder, not sure if I switched something off by mistake. I can get into the sub menu for Convenience settings and the...
  11. W

    How easy to change the front passenger speaker of a 2012 E class

    Hi This weekend am attempting to change my front passenger door speaker as mb dealer would charge £271 which I find is outrageous and that's just labour. Does the door card come off easily? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  12. RH2013

    Thule 532 Easy Rider bike Rack

    https://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/thule-freeride-532-bike-carrier/aid:479983?channable=e8467.NDc5OTgz&***id=CjwKEAjwxce4BRDE2dG4ueLArHMSJADStCqMa5K78WHzocg_gXNb_cEA3iH3V8OJotUQt-4BQMqjzBoCN8Hw_wcB Still in the box. I ordered one too many. With T Section fitments. £25 collect from Leicester area.
  13. bob6600

    Easy DIY Welding

    Requirements: 2x car batteries 1x jump leads Enjoy :D Welding Has Never Been Easier, HE CAN WELD Using Only 2 BATTERIES And A Set Of Jumper Cables!!! - NO Car NO Fun! Muscle Cars and Power Cars! |
  14. dddooommm

    Mercedes Break brake calipers upgrade. Easy or pointless?

    MBCLUB- Afternoon all Just a quick post (after reading forums first) My brakes are not the best. Little bit spongey and lax. Don't get me wrong- I've owned other manual/ auto Mercs and their brakes have been top dog. I hate to say this but the Audi braking system is next level stuff...
  15. lfckeeper

    Cheap quick easy bluetooth for W203

    Hope this helps fellow W203 owners who want bluetooth in their car, as the title says it a quick cheap and easy way to bluetooth connect your phone and use its sat nav etc. Things you will need 1 Aux cable (MB Part number A203 440 18 08) 2 12v extension cable (Halfords about £10) 3 Blue...
  16. Piff

    easy DAB & bluetooth addition

    number 2 son has a volvo c30 with fm radio & cd player. car has a 3.5mm jack & a cigarette lighter He would like to add DAB & possibly bluetooth on a limited budget - any suggestions
  17. W

    How easy is it to change the seats / upholstery in a C Class?

    Hi guys I need some help deciding between two cars with the interior being the main difference as far as my knowledge goes: 2011 C Class 2.1 C250 AMG Sport 2012 C Class C220 AMG Sport PLUS The sport plus comes with: - Beefed up alloys (not something I care too much for) - A far superior...
  18. Abb

    Easy entry/exit & Interior light problems

    During a visit to my fathers the other day, he mentioned the easy entry/exit feature had stopped working on his car. I had a look on the instrument cluster settings where this feature can be enabled/disabled, and all looked ok. The steering wheel seems to move but not the seat, although the seat...
  19. M

    W211 Easy Pack System (Option 942)

    Further to Alps' how to guide below. I have now fitted this option into my own car and will add my experience. You will actually need 18x rivets, part number 0009915532. There are 2 versions of the adjustable cross rail, 1 for the saloon and 1 for the estate. The saloon version is shorter and...
  20. ioweddie

    Nice easy way to power a dash camera in a w205

    I thought I'd share how I wired my dash camera in my W205 sport line. The power lead plug supplied with the camera would not allow the lid to shut on the cubbyhole on the centre consul. I decided to use one of the USB slots instead. I bought a long USB 'A' to USB 'B' cable but initially it...
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