1. aquanaut

    Quaife LSD eating the rear tyres...

    Hello, my first set of tyres lasted 11.5k on my C63, with the quaife diff being installed at 9k miles. The second set last around 5.5k and now at 4k on the next set they are getting close to the limit again. Just wondering if any others have experienced such an increase of tyre wear since...
  2. grumpyoldgit

    Who's been eating my porridge?

    Motorist caught EATING PORRIDGE while driving at 50mph on M6 « Express & Star
  3. D

    2006 W639 Viano eating key batteries

    It's the type below. Batteries only seem to last a week or so. I presume it's a short or a dodgy button, I'm just wondering is there a known issue/fix? The lock button on the other key I have doesn't work either, any way of replacing these on the cheap? How much does coding cost?
  4. Darrell

    eating out on your own in a restaurant.

    Anyone ever do it. Over in London on my own and I fancied something to eat. Walked into Prezzo in Mill Hill. Sat down, ate, got a few odd looks but it was quite nice.
  5. S

    W124 Eating my petrol

    Hi All, been a while, my w124 E280 with M104 motor seems to be drinking a lot more since i overhauled the motor? It has been a while since i did the motor but have not really used the car much. it has been sitting in my garage. At present i recon i am getting 400km to a tank. And even though...

    Chrysler eating E320 cdi

    I know its wrong but could not help myself, My fiesty E320 cdi saw off a pimped up Chrysler 300c left it standing from stand still right up to *25mph this is when he gave up. :D :D lets hear it for 11 year old straight 6 Mercedes diesels :rock:
  7. Quincy_W140

    Just finished eating 48 Cadbury's Cream Eggs

    ...and it's not even Easter yet :rock: Not just took a few weeks with Mrs Quincy's help :D CostCo impulse purchase! I'm waiting for the many fat b'srd your worse :thumb: Q.
  8. PXW

    Eating and driving

    Just read this . Seems a bit sharp to me to be accused of not being in proper control of the vehicle. I could see a case where someone was munching a large sarnie/burger, all content spilling out - clearly a distraction. Or perhaps where the eating was done whilst carrying out a manoeuvre. But...
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    Longest period without eating?

    Another thread which strayed on to Harvester Restaurants got me thinking... I only ate one meal on Saturday, shortly after which I discovered I had either a bug or food poisoning, so the last meal I ate was on Friday tea time, which is almost five days ago. Since then I tried to eat a...
  10. H

    Eating in Galway, Southern Ireland

    In a couple of weeks time HID :eek: and myself are off to Galway to celibrate 5 years together, can anyone point me in the direction of a really good resturant in the area? Many Thanks :)
  11. D

    Key Fob eating battries! help

    Hi Guys, My girlfriend has a 1999 SLK with the two button 'flick' key remote. when fitted with new battries the remote works fine for a day then drains the battries completely. I have fitted new battries twice with the same effect, the spare 'credit card' type key is fine. I checked the old and...
  12. V

    Is the normal - ML 270 CDI eating discs

    I have had my ML 270 CDI from new - now 2 years 2 weeks. I am alarmed at the rate this vehicle eats brake discs. Is this normal? I had to replace all 4 discs after 14 months from new @17k miles ( mainly my wife driving and typically shorter runs ). This was noticed but pad warning came up...
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