1. mazzerman

    Eaton Kompressor serial number?????

    Hello all. I hope someone can advise? Is there a serial number on every eaton Kompressor that can be verified with Mercedes database as the original one fitted when car was built? The reason i ask is that a Mercedes dealership mis-sold me a brand new supercharger for my 2000 CLK 230k . The car...
  2. R

    Advice on Supercharger Oil Change Eaton??

    I was planning on changing the oil for the supercharger...but i wanted some advice before hand?i did ask my local independent Mercedes garage about it they had no idea about this? I've seen the product on ebay which is the Eaton M45 supercharger..
  3. d w124

    Eaton SC on M103

    Thoughs on this please Mercedes M103 Kompressorkit Albrex, AMG, W201 W124 W126 bei Chiptuning Motortuning (endet 27.02.11 18:00:19 MEZ) How much power should I expect roughly?
  4. Z

    slk200 2004 eaton supercharger - looking for a spring

    i've struck a problem and looking for international help! :-) my manual slk200 dec2004 with about 80000 km lost the kick and the engine light came up and a little noise appeared. i took it to the mechanics straight away. after being quoted an 8 hour labor to remove and refit the supercharger (as...
  5. M

    Some help would be greatly appreciated !

    Hi im new to the forum and wondering if any of you guys would be able to help, i have a Mk2 golf gti running a eaton m62 supercharger which i believe is off a slk ? it has the electronic clutch on it.... Any way its making quite a bit of noise sounds as though its a bearing at the nose end of...
  6. N

    Specialists around Slough and Eaton

    Can anyone recommend an independent dealer around Slough or Eaton area. I work in Watford, so that is also an option.
  7. EDZ649

    Cheap Eaton Supercharger anyone?

    Mercedes SL230 supercharger on eBay (end time 20-Sep-09 13:27:35 BST)
  8. jahewitt

    Eaton Square Garage London

    Hi there Does anyone have any experience of this specialist ?? The CLK needs a service and this looks lke the nearest specialist. Please let me know
  9. bagman1971

    w202 Eaton supercharger oil change

    Does anybody know how to change kompressor oil on w202 c230k 111 engine and were i can get the oil from. Main dealer have not got a clue what they are talking about!!!!:bannana:
  10. M

    Possible source for EATON / Kompressor pulley pulleys.

    I spoke with the Asia / Pacific source of EATON (Mercedes Benz uses it) superchargers today. They can source any pulley for any supercharger. All they need is the MB OEM number stamped on the unit by EATON and some idea how small you want to go. Its about 6 or 8 digits and is not a MB...
  11. M

    Eaton Compressor - The home of the "K"

    No im not referring to short people .... I am referring to the source of the compressor that drives so many Benz motors. (mostly 2000-2002, 2.3L) M45 bike project W202 air ram intake...
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