1. Mactech

    Is 'Quiet' tarmac more economical?

    I think we all agree that the quiet road surfaces on some new roads have benefits for those living next to busy roads and for drivers enjoying a much quieter car on those stretches. Going from a old concrete dual carriage way to quiet tarmac is like hitting the mute button in most cars. It's...
  2. R

    Most economical E class?

    I'm after a later E class estate, my old E300td struggled to make 30mpg, out of the newer engines which is the most economical? (2008-2011)
  3. M

    Whats more economical.. Driving in C or S mode?

    As title states... Which is best around town? I don't thrash the car by the way! C mode seems a bit sluggish to me at times but is it saving me any pennies?!
  4. Palfrem

    Big engines are more economical?

    Smallest cars 'worse for fuel economy' - Telegraph Well, well, well. What a revelation. Even more I guess when passengers, etc. are factored in. So does that mean the CO2 figures will be wrong as well?
  5. G

    The new economical E63, capable of 34 mpg!

    Last Sunday I had a journey from Norfolk to South Essex and managed to get 34.2 mpg Amazed? Don't be! I got a rear puncture and therefore swapped to the spare wheel so didn't go over 55 mph on the journey home which was mostly motorway and good A roads. I'd rather be getting sub 20 mpg...
  6. Charles Morgan

    Making a 210 320cdi more economical

    Bored stiff with small cars, I drove my 210 into and out of London today to pick up a lot of wine and heavy wine racks. Driving in a very relaxed fashion on the M4 was fine but then nose to tail and stop start traffic was horrendous and in the end I averaged 38mpg door to door - about 40 miles...
  7. imbck666

    Most economical speed on W210 E200

    Yes, I know its a small engine and works hard... but.. Whats the most eco speed for a W210 E200 5spd? Ive heard that if you stick to 55-60 its very eco and between 70-75 most uneco. is this true? All ideas are highly appreciated
  8. kusanku

    Opinions sought re: economical car

    My wife has just got a new job, which will involve her driving around 500 miles a week, possibly more. I'm quite happy to let her have the CLK for this, as I hardly use it, but she wants something more economical (plus she hates two door cars). So I'm looking to spend around £8k...
  9. peapod

    Economical speed, W210 turbodiesel

    Best economy comes with engine efficiency and one assumes the boost pressure should be at an optimum. My car (auto turbo diesel ) seems happiest at about 2400 rpm 75 mph in 5th, at 60 one needs to downshift to recover liveliness. Can anyone advise on whether one should shift to 4th gear at...
  10. Charles Morgan

    W124 Temperature Sensor - is this economical to retrofit?

    My delightful 95 W124 E320 Coupe came with a large number of desirable extras but no temperature sensor - it wasn't on the spec. Assuming it was never fitted, would retrofitting be an economic job? I do notice the absence and after last winter think it might be a useful thing to retrofit, but...
  11. Mactech

    Economical motoring

    My son’s girlfriend is the proud owner of a 1993 1.7 diesel Chavalier. It was MOT day today and the car failed on 3 items. It required new wiper blades, a front antiroll bar link and rear brake cylinder. The total for these items was a wallet bending £16.38.:eek: My son fitted the bits in under...
  12. P

    Who says a V8 AMG is not economical?

    It was a 40 mile journey, A590 (Cumbria) and M6 (Cumbria/Lancs)...... and I was driving a little 'carefully' and I was overtaken by a caravan.... but.... it just goes to show! However ... It wasn't much fun! :D;)
  13. mickl

    most economical 500SL evah!!
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