1. tron

    Not very happy with ECP.

    Ordered Lemforder ball joints from the web site. Supplied with TRW. I don't know who they are but they are not Lemforder. Asked for the correct parts. Was assured that they would be there next morning. The correct parts were not sent and I was told that they would not be sent. I am annoyed...
  2. clk320x

    Lemforder ECP or MB OEM

    Need to order Droplink and Offside front Thrust arm OEM or Lemforder at ECP? I heard Lemforder was MB OEM? Thanks
  3. merc85

    Competition Watchdog ECP, Andrew Page

    Only because it's of interest to me, Humm wonder whats going on there :confused: COMPETITION WATCHDOG TO INVESTIGATE ANDREW PAGE TAKEOVER | CAT Magazine | CAT Magazine

    ECP 30% Off Weekend...

    Another online ECP 30% off weekend, good if you need any winter bits...use code: WEEKEND30:thumb: This promotion seems to be on most weekends?
  5. E


    Let me Create a personalised discount code for you. It's just a question of messaging me the part you're after. I will then send you a tailored discount code in minutes. :bannana::bannana::bannana: Let me know. :rock::rock::rock: Seyi. Add us on...
  6. M

    Can you quote me good ECP man?

    Hello M ECP chap :) Recent wobbly suspension woes made me take the car into local dealer to look at. They replaced the anti roll bar link which got rid of my wobble, but they also reported that both side lower arms had a lot of play. Can you give me a price on a NS AND OS lower arm...
  7. S

    ECP discs and pads

    What's everyone's view? I havnt bought them before but they seem reasonable? Mine is non PP pack car but are the VM discs on ECP any good or should I just avoid? I'm trying to sort my discs and pads and all that out. I have messages MB Stourbridge and that for genuine prices.
  8. SPX

    New ECP venture perhaps?

    Judging by the spam like posting I think ECP has a new business venture?
  9. cws196

    ECP 25% discount code invaled but advertised on the start page of this site!

    As above, there's a live advert for code MBCLUB25 on the homepage of this site (and has been there for the previous 2days as well), but when you go to enter the code on the ECP site, it says 'invalid' - just called ECP and they said it's because they currently have a 10% discount code...
  10. N

    2 for 1 0il sale at ECP

  11. 190

    Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 at £17.99 ECP

    Currently a 10% discount at ECP bringing Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 down from £19.99 which was in itself a decent price to £17.99 but only if you use the old web site. Bizarrely the new ECP site lists the same oil Part No.: 521772211 at £29.94. Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 is approved to MB 229.5 and for...
  12. R


    Are ECP still doing a discount for forum members? I'm after some new front shocks. Thanks
  13. gadget1960

    ECP parts price differences!

    Managed to get my wife to order a set of rear brake pads for my w210 from an ECP branch to be delivered to her place of work in order to be fitted by one of their mechanics, she was quoted £30, but they would not deliver them!? the mechanic said that a certain 'different' branch of ECP would...
  14. N

    ECP oil sale, will this work?

    I see ECP are having a clear out of oil & wondered if this would work on a 1998 W202 C250 TD auto, OM605? It's a very good price, £29.99 for 20 litres! Valvoline Durablend 10w40 - 20ltr Valvoline Durablend 10w40 - 20ltrPart No.: 521770465...
  15. Blue Moon

    W203 Front Foglight

    Hi all, having owned my 2005 C55 for over a week now, want to attend to some minor cosmetic bits and pieces. First up would be a new o/s front fog lamp. It's the round one I need. I say this as both ECP and Car Parts 4 Less show the lamp as being square on their images, although both list the...
  16. BAZ-500SL

    What does this ECP mean?

    Hello all right here is the situation, I have a 2000( w reg) w210 e220 CDI manual transmission, but lately it has showed this ECP light I have checked google and most I the people say that their car loses power but for me it's all normal, and pulls very well and is normal, the central locking...
  17. B

    ECP discount not working?

    Has anyone tried the discount code recently? I tried today but it said its invalid (MBCLUB25) ????
  18. W

    Are ECP and Halfords in partnership?

    Having checked online for oil filter prices I notice that Halfords sell Crossland filters. I thought these were exclusive to ECP. So I turned up to my local Halfords as their Crossland filters were 1/2 the price of ECP. However it turned out that Halfords do not keep these in stock, but could...
  19. M

    Part request for ECP

    Question for ECP, Do you stock a Sachs part equivalent to A1243203813/A1243202313? They are the rear self leveling shocks for a w124 estate. I can only find the Sachs versions of the regular shocks, but not the sport chasis versions. Thanks.
  20. lordlee

    ECP question

    Bit off Merc topic - My GF's Mini Cooper 1.6 2007 R56 model - can you please give me a price on EBC Red and Green stuff pads? I am looking for front pads only and the car is not an S if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance Lee
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