1. S

    LWB Sprinter mixed symptoms. 350 miles away from home. Please help!!

    Hey folks, So, I've a Mercedes Sprinter lwb 2003, 2151cc, 3.5ton. It's a few odd symptoms that don't seem to make sense to me. Bought in Sept / Oct 2016 - Power was low, replaced the glowplugs and had a reconditioned turbo fitted in Dec. New oil & filter. loads of power. Drove 300 miles...
  2. W

    Vito 110cdi EDC Light

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice please, I've got myself a lovely old Vito w638, barely run in with 205k on the clock. The EDC light is permanently on, along with the coil light. It runs absolutely fine, starts first time, blows a little smoke but nothing major and pulls like a train...
  3. C

    Mercedes sprinter edc light

    Hi all My friend has a 52 plate mercedes srpinter and the edc light comes on the dash and the behicle stalls on him while hes going along any ideas? Hopefully i am going to plug in my diagnostic machine later Cheers Charlie
  4. B

    edc light on and won't start up!! help needed (sprinter)

    Hi all! New to the forum so hope I'm in the right place. I bought a 04 mercedes sprinter luton van a few weeks back and it was driving like a dream until Sunday when a red light flashed up with EDC and lost all power and would not start back up which resulted in me being towed back home by the...
  5. A

    vito T reg 110 cdi EDC light

    hello all got a problem with my 2000 vito 2.2 cdi 98k edc light on it starts first time and runs sweet as a nut but when warm on the road its very jerky engine cutting in and out if in neutral it will rev to limiter but then bounce between 900 and 4 000 with puffs of black smoke...
  6. J

    96 model C220 EDC light problem

    Hi Guys; I am using a 96 model C220 Mercedes Benz for about 4 years. From past 2 years my car has been showing starting trouble. When I turn on the ignition the EDC light won't turn on, when its not on the engine will not start. When I turn on and off the ignition few times the EDC light will...
  7. J

    2005 211cdi, edc light and glow plug

    hi , I have a 2005 211 cdi sprinter van the e d c light came on ,so I changed the fuel filter. after I primed the system and got it to run but found the e d c light was still on .used the van the following day it work fine still with the e d c light on ,pulled up outside my house and I noticed...
  8. L

    VITO 112CDI edc light engine fail

    Have cleaned out the black death, re installed the injectors. Had quite a lot of splutter before it would run. The EDC light comes on under heavy acceleration and the engine dies completely. Slip it back into park or N and it restarts again. Had a mate run a code machine and we get this...
  9. F

    E300 diesel w210 edc light knocking noise issues

    Hello people, I recently bought a lovely almost rust free 210 e300 diesel with only 94,000 miles by only 1 registered keeper. I usually work with old Japanese 4x4s and don't have too much experience with Merc diesels. It has no apparent starting problem and starts without drama hot or cold...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris On Cars: Renault Clio RRS 200 EDC

    KsUPixwMDg0 Renault Clio RRS 200 EDC: On Road and Track - CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  11. A

    Sprinter EDC NO REV at all HELP

    hi i have a sprinter 311 2004, ive been having some issues with it. the edc light stays on and the oil light also comes on with it, i can rev it at all nothing happens when pedal pressed now this is the second time this has happened, first time same problem, i had code scanned and came up...
  12. P

    sprinter edc help needed !!

    Could anyone please help with my 2000 311cdi , Basically the edc light came on recently and it stopped and would not restart so had it recovered, 2 days later it would run but with low revs and intermitent edc light , After being messed about by a mechanic I bit the bullet and took it to a...
  13. F

    Vito I: EDC light and air suspension

    Hello I just bought a 03 Vito CDI. EDC light is on and the engine cut on 3000RPM. Looks like many have this fault and many solutions. My air suspension don't work, can this be related? Tips? best reg. Jan MC
  14. aqif

    w202 Edc light on ???

    C-class 220D 1995, It all started wth a leak from the diesel injection pump only when the engine was cold, and then one day while driving engine revs droped to idle, pushed the pedal down but nothing, turned the engine off and on again and it was back to normal but this was short lived cause it...
  15. guydewdney

    WIS electrical help needed - EDC light on

    Hi guys - long time no see.... got a problem with my sprinter (1996 312D) The EDC light is coming on when not on tickover throttle posistion - the local electrician has plugged the pooter in and found its not happy with the TPS. problem is - we have no data as to what that data should...
  16. markheaney2

    merc e250 w210 edc light

    i hope someone can help me i have a w210 e250 diesel 1996 the car quite often will not start because when you switch the ignition on the edc light does not come on when it comes on about every 10th attempt the car starts fine i have already bypassed the immobiliser about 6 months ago so that is...
  17. V

    edc light problems!!!

    Hi all, I have an issue where my 108cdi vito it was going into limp mode. i stripped it down and checked the possible sources of the problem. when it went back together it was evident that it was still there Fine................until............next drive it cut out for no reason. i now have the...
  18. M

    glowplugs and edc light

    hi im wondering if any1 can help me i have a 1997 c220 deisel when i turn the ignition on i wait for the glowplug light to go out when i start the car the light comes back on for 2 mins or so i know i need to change the glowplugs but the problem is the edc light keeps coming on and the car goes...
  19. G

    311 cdi EDC waring light mercedes sprinter

    hi, i broke down yesterday, it lost its guts when i accelerating at about 40mph, and the EDC warning light came on. so i pulled over and then it wouldn't start, and there was deisel on the floor, and is deisel on the fan belt. any ideas? also do you know how to prime the deisel on these...
  20. L

    EDC light coming on

    I have had my C220d since february- every 500-1000 miles the engine starts to stutter a little, then the EDC light comes on and the 'stuttering' gets so bad you cant really drive- engine cutting in and out a few times a second. If i pull over, stop the engine and restart the problem goes away...
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