1. Bobby Dazzler

    Warning: The Edited Electoral Register and opting out

    Every year you should get an annual electoral register form, so you can confirm who's eligible to vote in your household. Every form I've ever seen encourages you to simply confirm if nothing has changed since last time. What do you think "no change" means? Same as last year? Me too. It...
  2. A

    Back from Geneva Show 2008. Lots of Pics not edited yet.

    Hello, Back from this years Geneva show, our yearly little trip:D Lots of nice stuff their but also some cars that shows that money cannot buy tatse. Funny as usually I'm looking at the sports cars and dreaming...this time I'm looking at the SUV's and estates thinking...the pram will not...
  3. andy_cyp

    Edited Vmax Footage @ Bruntingthorpe

    Watch out for some interesting footage, including E55 vs DB9. E55 vs RUF 993TT & Matt vs Matts dad F430 vs 300zx. Enjoy http://videos.streetfire.net/video/2848e916-f5f8-4e6f-a075-99e800538d37.htm
  4. aka$h

    Brand New Brabus Vi's *edited Price*

    BRABUS VI'S *EDITED PRICE* 8.0X17 ET30 They are Brand New never even been mounted onto a car. They were bought for my dads car but he's now buying a CL. There in boxes, not copies or replica's, and come with Brabus centre caps. Will fit CLK SLK C-class E-class, new and old models...
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