1. Druk

    Editing a DVD on iMac?

    So I have a DVD in which there is a 50sec section I wish to clip out and to eventually load to Youtube. On the Mac as it's playing there is the top menu which has the Edit tab, however most of the commands there are greyed out. To add...I've never clipped a movie before either on Mac or...
  2. baxlin

    Editing posts

    Anyone know why it is that, after I have carefully typed a post, setting it out in proper paragraphs, if I go back into it to correct something, all the paragraphs are lost, and it re-posts in one big lump? Not sure if this happens if using a PC, but it certainly does using an iPad. Thanks...
  3. johns E350


    Correct me if I am wrong is it not possible to edit a thread once it has been sent. As I have a problem of sending threads then reading what I have sent to find auto speller has changed words or I have spelt words wrong and can't then correct. Or do I need to check before I send
  4. carat 3.6

    Some epic film editing here

    Easily the best thing I've seen all week, how many films can you spot? 4vR7dg-b45Y
  5. chriswt

    Any Apple Mac video editing experts here before I burn my MAcbook Pro

    When I bought my Macbook Pro I used to be able to import videos in AVCHD format into iMovie, edit them films and then burn them to a DVD. Now for some strange reason that can only be explained as 21st century progress I've lost that function as I 'updated' my Mac with the latest software...
  6. Palfrem

    Photo editing software

    I'm taking up photography again and was wondering what the general favourite software might be? Don't want to spend a fortune so has to be VFM Probably need a pen tablet too? Any recommendations?
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Free video editing software - recommendations?

    Nothing fancy required. Just need to cut a few bits out and stitch together a couple of clips. Any suggestions?
  8. A

    HD Video Editing - what do you use?

    I have a fair quantity of video taken from various cameras - Panasonic SD camcorder, Canon PowerShot SX1 (Full HD), Canon EOS 550D (Full HD). I've never previously bothered much about editing it as I've ever been too bothered about uploading it. I'd now like to do something with it and publish...
  9. MD5

    Windows 7 picture editing

    When a jpg file is opened, you used to be able to right click and then select "open with" from the menu in XP, but Windows 7 doesn't seem to offer this feature. Instead, I have to right click on the thumb nail, rather than the opened image, to get this menu. Is it me or Microsoft that have...
  10. M

    editing name on forum.

    Hi just need to know how to edit my name have been through changing password and all that just cant figure out how to change username ,help appreciated ,thanks
  11. Colin_b

    Editing video files.

    I have a stack of .MPG files, as a result of transferring a collection of 20+year old videos to my hard disk. No problem, so far... but the files are up to 4GB! But I now have to edit them. Remove some duplication, move sections from one file to another, and re-ordering scenes, make the films...
  12. R

    Mpeg 4v editing???

    My son has bought a Samsung F30 camcorder which records mpeg4 onto SD cards (and pretty well as well!) however, the software Samsung supply for editing is slow and not much cop and my lad's Ulead 10plus which is supposed to edit mpeg4 doesn't. What do other people use? Any help welcome!
  13. blondebier

    AVCHD editing software

    Hi Guys, I'm after some video editing software for my Sony HD camcorder. Sony have their own product called Vegas Studio, but I've been looking around at it appears Nero9 and Ulead VideoStudio Pro X2 might be better products. Has anyone used any of these with or without much success? I'm...
  14. The Boss

    Video editing software

    Ladies, Gents. any advice welcome. Whats the best software around to edit my videos to make it more professional - ie, total video and audio multi layer controls etc.. I am a bit sick and tired of the std windows movie maker... cheers!
  15. Satch

    Editing H.264/MPEG-4 video

    Unless I am missing something, whilst fine for capture & storagee, editing appears to be a bit of a mare, which is sad as Mrs S. has a Canon HF100 and some hours worth clogging up the memory cards which I have just dumped onto a hard drive. Pinnacle 12 appears to do it but, in my case...
  16. CE230

    Editing a GIF

    I have an animated GIF that I would like to add some words to. Is it possible and can a graphics numpty do it please?
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Image editing software - free for corporate use?

    We currently use a relatively inexpensive piece of software for simple image manipulation for grabbing screenshots and editing them. However, just because it's relatively inexpensive, doesn't mean it can't be done better or cheaper - or both - using a different product!! Anyone aware of...
  18. carnut

    Photo Editing Software help

    Ive just bought a new DSLR ( Nikon D60) and would like some advice on what software to get for photo editing I have Roxio Photo Suite Platinum 7 & MGI PhotosuiteII, which are a bit old.I am tempted by Adobe photoshop elements 6 which is now being sold fairly cheap....would I gain any advantage...
  19. mercmanuk

    VideoWave III SE - Video Editing Software Brand New origional

    MGI SOFTWARE CORP VIDEO WAVE III SE Video is about telling a story. A story expressed by piecing together moving pictures, photos, graphics, sound, music and narration. And, like all visual mediums, it is one of the most powerful communications tools available today. Powerful yes, if you...
  20. Howard

    Photo Editing Software

    Gang ... Is there a free photo editor that is easy to use ( remember it's me that will be using it :rolleyes: )... Basically I want to be able to add different coloured and sized text over the top of a photo .... and maybe to have the text slightly see through ( like the banner at the top...
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