1. A

    Technical Education Mercedes 722.9 7G-TRONIC Transmission

    The film consists of 14 videos detailing the process of full dismantling of the automatic transmission assembly until the valve control unit, giving reference to the first clip in the playlist. Enjoy learning watch?v=42mruHPfH8U
  2. R

    Some W124 education required....

    Am now seriously looking at a retro Merc and have nearly decided on a W124 and it has to be a diesel. I read conflicting information, and need to clear up some basic things, apologies as I'm new to the world of MB. The multivalve 606 was never fitted with a turbo to a W124? They were all...
  3. Satch

    Education is a wonderful thing

    BBC News - US school road marking spelt wrongly
  4. Honey Bear

    Safe bet or high risk? Getting back into education.

    I'm thinking of getting back into education. I know it's the right choice but I thought I would see what all of you think. I'm not happy with my current role. Technically I am an interim building manager, because I generally work alone and my role is geared towards the upkeep of properties...
  5. T

    A190 Gearbox Education

    Hi Folks! I own a 2002 29,000 mile A190 Auto. Recently it has started to hang on to the lower gears and behave slightly erratically. My service garage tell me that it is caused by my town driving (stop-start, speed humps etc.) and that the electronics of the gearbox need re-educating and that...
  6. N

    107 education required urgently.

    Going to look at a 107 SL later in the week. I have always liked the cars. A rich schoolfriend's parents had a signal red 350SL in the '70's (when we had a poo brown Maxi) & I was pretty much hooked. Actually prefer the look of the SLC but those all nearly all gone. Anyway, What's the...
  7. Steve_Perry

    Fancy some further education?

    I wish this was a joke :crazy: "If you've been clamped, it's not going to be very pleasant..." Like getting clamped by a goon with a certificate is going to feel better? :confused: S.
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