1. Palfrem

    Top spec E350 - but EEEK! those seats

    Mercedes-Benz Retail Used Cars – Vehicle Details :: E350 SALOON Sport
  2. abecketts

    Eeek poor W124 Coupe

    Resprayed in a more contemporary colour and those fetching chrome wheel arch covers, oh dear... 1992 MERCEDES 230CE COUPE AUTO LEATHER METALLIC GOLD on eBay (end time 08-Jan-11 17:47:30 GMT)
  3. EDZ649


    1987 MERCEDES 420 SEC AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 28-May-10 19:06:50 BST)
  4. R

    SL55 brake failure -- eeek.

    Good thing I was going slowly when this happened :-( The brakes really don't work well when that happens - Ok for 10mph, but not a lot more. R
  5. A

    Anyone suprised at this? Eeek
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