1. O

    WTD: red alloy effect vent trim

    from a AMG line (FL) A180 anyone please :fail
  2. D

    Any c63 maps that wouldn't effect Warranty ?

    Seen a Renntec box on a A45 that just is easily removed
  3. M

    W211/ 7g Tronic - Downshifting & Braking Effect- Reluctance Rings ABS

    I thought i would start a new thread to see if anyone has cured this problem with the ABS reluctance rings. My 7g gearbox was serviced and software updated a few weeks ago so its not that. When driving around town, if i take my foot off to coast and slow down, i get a light braking effect...
  4. C

    Wheel Balance effect on ABC Pump, Hydraulic Suspension, Strut

    HOW DOES BALANCING AFFECT YOUR CAR – and how it can damage your Mercedes ABC hydraulic system parts such as the ABC Pump, Accumulators, Valve Bocks and Hydraulic Suspension Struts. The sign of unbalanced wheels is a wobbly steering wheel when you are driving above a certain speed – usually...
  5. S

    Carbon effect / Carbon dipping

    Can anyone recommend where I can get a new (genuine) diffuser for my R172 dipped in carbon effect in the south east ? Any ideas as to how long it should take and how much I should be paying? Thanks x
  6. F

    The Mercedes Effect

    Last weekend I went on a 500 mile roadtrip with some friends and I made the best decision I have made in long time by deciding to rent a Mercedes for this (still waiting for my E class to be delivered). Sixt gave me a 2014 C Class (C220 petrol) and the thing just soared through the motorways...
  7. BIG_G_1979

    jerking effect

    Hi guys I have noticed that my e280 cdi with 7g box jerks the odd time once cold once warmed up its fine any ideas? What I mean by jerks is that when accletoring it seems like it's changing up and down up and down on gears anyone had this issue Sent from my xperia z3 using MBClub UK
  8. D

    W221 (2005–2013) S-Class - wood effect?

    I am considering buying an S-Class but my choice is greatly limited by the number of cars that have this horrible wood effect trim in the cabin. I can't imagine why anyone would choose this option. I am interested in what other options were available at time of manufacture? Is there...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    The Fifty Shades Effect...

    BBC News - Fifty Shades of Grey 999 call spike expected by London Fire Brigade From a toaster? I mean, I can kinda understand a Vacuum cleaner, but a toaster?!? :eek:
  10. Tan

    Philips Headlight Bulb (White Vision Xenon Effect

    Hi Received an email from Euro car parts for these bulbs today, any view to if they are any good or is there a better alternative? Regards Tan Philips Porsche White Vision Xenon Effect - H7 Twin Pack (free set of 501 Bulbs Included) | Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1 Car Parts Retailer
  11. P

    W168 - MAF fault code - P0100 - what effect on the car?

    OK, so it looks like I need to get this fixed. But in the meantime, what effect is it having? Im assuming since the airflow is not being measured correctly its having an effect on fuel mixture so affecting performance and mpg? If so how badly - doesnt seem too bad at the moment....
  12. Twistedmind

    Cattlegrid effect

    I have been experiencing the cattle grid effect since I have changed my radiator. Feared the worse !! But I had the car up on ramps this weekend to inspect my drop links. Found a twisted gearbox fluid pipe ( see pic ) Lesson learned Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  13. c_200k

    Alcantara/suede Effect Headlining

    I had this as an optional extra in my M5 and i really liked it. I don't have it in my W211 so was wandering if it was an option or if anyone has had it done? Thanks
  14. Merty

    Shell FuelSave Diesel vs V Power - Difference & effect

    Afternoon ya'll What's difference between these two fuels. What advantage does it have over each other apart form the price. Would i benefit my E220, if i start using V Power. What are you thoughts Thanks
  15. D

    Just add alcohol for the desired effect...

  16. C

    Paint cracking effect on CLS

    Hi all, A 2006 CLS 350 I am considering buying has a strange 'cracking' effect on the boot lid that sort of resembles a web or urban road network. The rest of the car's body has many small nicks, chips and scrapes but is otherwise ok. Does anyone know 1) what the term for this paint cracking...
  17. BillyW124

    Hall effect sensor w124

    Evening Chaps, Why would i have a hall effect speed sensor at the back of my speedo when i dont have cruise control? Any one any ideas please?
  18. DSLiverpool

    The Palmball effect

    Ok from being happy with my motors of choice I have (since reading Andrews XKR acquisition) decided a new daily driver could be justified to replace the Lexus. Budget £20k inc lexus px so no Maybachs but the choice of big engined metal under 4 years is amazing Current fave - XJR JAG 2008 with...
  19. gmk666

    Cuts at the BBC taking effect

    Yes, we can afford all those fancy idents. But only if we sack the entire proof-reading department.
  20. A

    Replacement Windscreen "rippling" effect

    All, Autoglas have replaced my W204 Windscreen a few weeks ago. Almost immeadiately I noticed that whilst looking through the passenger side, the scenery had a "rippling" effect; as if looking through a thin film of water. The result was that the scenary etc was distored whilst driving - the...
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