1. nickjonesn4

    rotten egg smell E55 part 2

    So had the exhaust checked and nothing wrong with it and the smell has vanished... until today I put the a/c into the windscreen de-mist function and the rotten egg smell was back instantly. Could it be something up with the a/c or heater? Any help much appreciatd
  2. V

    Bad egg smell

    My 320 CDI has developed a smell not unlike a catalytic converter bad egg whiff, generally after a longish run. Seems like it comes through the air vents because if I switch the climate control off it goes away. And no I've not eaten sprout and egg curry! I suspect diesel is hitting the cat...
  3. E

    Free Easter Egg Offer | 30% Off Castrol Oil

    Hi guys, Leading upto the Easter bank holiday we've launched a great offer - Get 25% off your Car Parts AND 30% off All Castrol Oils *PLUS* a FREE Easter egg with all Click and Collect orders over £50!! ...
  4. terry@yarmouth

    sparrows egg

    help i was at work today, yes they made me work on a bank holiday, dinner time was bored so thought i would have a go at removing couple of scratches on front wing. 1200 wet n dry then t-cut, polish. first one went fine, never to be seen again. next one different story, rubbed out the scratch...
  5. K

    rotten egg smell

    can somebody tell me why i get a very very strong smell of rotten eggs inside of my 2002 c220 cdi. it is worse when the engine is cold. please help because it proper stinks. some say its the battery/ exhaust cats/bad fuel.:( ps the car runs fine. but the temp never goes over 75 to 80. is that...
  6. Oily Rag

    Misfire and Bad Egg Smell from Exhaust

    Afternoon boys and girls. Well, the title reveals all, and your help and guidance would be greatly appreciated, so down to the nitty gritty. My beloved SL500 has developed a misfire, and there is an awful smell from the exhaust. checked the engine compartment for moisture and coolant leaks...
  7. Danny DeVito

    Rotten egg smell and lumpy idle

    First, do these things ever run right ? Last three days after starting fine the idle is going up down for a bout five seconds then settles. Driving is normal. If i turn the engine off and restart immediately it still does it. After three days of this. Now a dirty scummy smell has started, comes...
  8. Spinal

    Easter egg on facebook...

    Does anyone remember: UP UP, DOWN DOWN, LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, B, A? Well, try entering that sequence when on facebook, and then hit enter... Someone's been playing too many retro games ;) M.
  9. gbjeppm

    Does anybody keep Chickens?

    Toying with the idea of keeping a few (Point of Lay) hens, for educations purposes for the kids, as pets, and free eggs. And it could be fun:) Seems to be getting more and more popular, and we have a fair amount of garden, which is completely enclosed, but we are riddled with urban foxes &...
  10. whitenemesis

    Cadbury Cream Egg

    How do you eat yours?? Me, bite off the top, stick tongue in and wiggle then chomp! :D
  11. Pietre

    Easter Egg Run

    Knowing how long it takes to organise these things, heres a thought. How about a central location in t UK and we all bring easter eggs to donate to a kids home or a local kids hospital and have a get together or a treasure hunt, or something along those lines. There is no point me trying to...
  12. KLP 92

    Wrotten egg smell from exhaust.

    My friend has bought a 1992 500SL with 90k on the clock. Everytime the car has been driven hard a wrotten egg smell comes from the exhaust. Its that bad you can't stand near the rear of the car when its on! Only happens when the engines hot. Is it normal as mine never smells like this! Also the...
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