1. stwat

    Sudden aversion to the taste of eggs

    Why have I suddenly become averse to the taste of eggs? All I can now taste is a strong taste of sulphur. It's horrible and so strong. I used to love eggs, boiled fried egg mayonnaise etc etc. But all of a sudden all I taste is the bitter taste of sulphur. A horrible bitter taste. But why?
  2. S

    rotten eggs...

    Hi everyone, my car has been on sorn for the last few months. Anyway its back on the road now. As per my last posts there is black smoke coming from exhaust when hard revved. Today i took the car for a drive, i put shell v power fuel in it. On my way home i floored the pedal-the thing...
  3. Andy67

    How to Suck Eggs

    How to remove Road Tar from paint work. All you need is WD40, your finger & clean coth, spray it onto the tar , wait seconds then remove, Amazing... Quids in ££££ Does not damage your paintwork.. I Didnt know this untill i got a MB
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Perfect eggs

    I don't cook. But I like poached eggs, and I've suddenly got nifty at them. Weekend poached eggs are fast becoming a Dazzler weekend treat as I try to give Nigella, I mean Mrs D, a break from kitchen duties. I cook them in batches of two. Boiling water with a pinch of salt and three...
  5. N

    Bought half a dozen eggs, one is cracked!

    Well, you could have knocked me down with a bleedin' feather! Amongst other things, I bought half a dozen eggs at the local Waitrose a couple of days ago. Tonight, after deciding on a bacon, onion & cheddar omelette I discovered on opening the egg carton that one egg is cracked! How this...
  6. Quincy_W140

    Just finished eating 48 Cadbury's Cream Eggs

    ...and it's not even Easter yet :rock: Not just took a few weeks with Mrs Quincy's help :D CostCo impulse purchase! I'm waiting for the many fat b'srd your worse :thumb: Q.
  7. purplegoddess

    we have eggs!!!!!!!

    moveing our snails about today we discoverd a batch of eggs :D as this our first brood we got a bit excited :crazy: (except jps who said oh no not more blinkin pets)will take some pics later and post them and keep you updated:D (i understand not everyone will be as excited as us)but when and if...
  8. A

    HVAC display: Easter eggs?

    I seem to remember a thread, which of course I can't find again, noting that the HVAC display could be manipulated into displaying e.g. actual roadspeed, temperature in different places in the engine, etc. Anyone knows?
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