1. T

    egypt map for ntg4

    I have a ntg4 comand and i need to download a map for egypt, how can i get the map dvd
  2. mymini007

    Booked to go to Egypt oooops!

    Booked to go to Sharm el Sheikh back in January :fail Now the wife has got the heebie jeebies about going, which I totally understand. We are now playing chicken with the foreign office to see if they pull everyone out, if so we get a refund, if not we have to play £200 to transfer to...
  3. Palfrem


    Anyone got any ideas as to why we are getting wall-to-wall coverage of the political situation there please?
  4. nigel cross

    Holiday to Egypt

    Never been before any tips? Whats the best currency to take?
  5. Chris Akabusi


    Has anyone been on holiday to Egypt? Were looking at going at the end of August. I've never been before, but i've always wanted to visit the pyramids etc. It seems to be really good value at the moment and was wondering if anyone can recommend places to stay. Ideally we want to go to a nice...
  6. portzy

    Egypt anyone?

    Some of you will know that due to 'family' circumstances my missus and I have had to curtail our vacational exploits to shores as sunny and distant as Scarborough. Now, I've nothin' 'agin the 'Borough but, there may be some light at the end of my wifes' carpel tunnel and we were quite fancying a...
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