1. ACID

    Eibach Lowering Springs Mercedes CLS 320d & 350 Petrol

    A set of very good used Eibach lowering springs, part no: E10-25-008-08-22 Will fit Mercedes CLS 320d & 350 petrol. Fitting is available, please inquire about cost:
  2. M

    Eibach Pro-kit W204/ S204 Lowering Springs

    got a set of lowering springs which were on my 2012 mercedes c-class estate but will also suit any saloon or estate diesel c-class or a larger engine petrol. bought around christmas and was on my car for 6 months, selling as not needed anymore, very good condition, looking for £150 posted...
  3. A

    W209 CLK Eibach pro springs, brand new £120

    As above, Selling the CLK and didn't get round to fitting these! £120 collected from Ilford, Essex. I would courier as theyre still in their box but they weigh a lot so i'll leave that to the buyer to arrange! Will fit the following: Mercedes-Benz CLK (C209) 240, 280, 320, 350, 500...
  4. Ronan1982

    Eibach or H&R Super Sports Suspension

    Hi All, I own a 2013 Mercedes C220, Sport Plus package. The car Currently sits on 18's 7.5J Front and 8.5J on the Rear. With the Stiffened Sports Suspension. (Will be for Sale Soon - Mint/unmarked with Michelin PS3 New Tyres) Any day soon, I should be taking hold of the...
  5. Martyn1993

    190E Eibach

    So everyone, I'm thinking about getting a 40mm Eibach lowering spring kit for my 190E 2.0. I'm not looking at making it a scraper or a camber car, I just want it dropped a little for a better look, retaining the original 15" alloys. It's a daily driver. I was wondering if I would need to...
  6. liljames

    Eibach pro kit

    Eibach Kit B 12 PRO-KIT Hi I'm looking to buy bilstein eibach pro kit b12, Basically includes bilstein b6 shocks and eibach pro spring kit for my r129 500sl But bilstein say it only fits 92 onwards ? But I'm sure they are all the same?? Can anyone confirm this before I order them, as mine is...
  7. Silver CL55

    Eibach 5 X 112 hub centric 10mm spacers, brand new

    Will fit various models, W219 CLS, W212 S class, W216 CL, W211 E class, M class to name but a few. (Will fit rear of the above vehicles, not sure about the front) Do your own research for your own vehicle. Eibach model; Pro-Spacer 112/5-66.5-150 S90-2-10-002 £55 shipped to you in the UK.
  8. french

    Eibach rear ARB

    Or similar for a W203 .
  9. A

    W124 E320 Coupe Eibach Springs

    Hi Guys I have just had Eibach Pro springs fitted to my car, They feel great compared to my older sportline springs. I have a question about my ride height, the rear sits slightly higher than the front as you can see in the attachments. I have 1 nib spring pad (8mm) on the front and 2 nib...
  10. S

    Eibach Rollbars

    Hi Guys, I have had my Eibach's fitted for a week or so now. I just thought it was worth mentioning that anyone who gets that with a CLK55 will notice a large improvement on the rear of the car, but the front isn't noticeable. It firms up the rear and stops the excessive roll around...
  11. esprit200

    Eibach Anti-Roll Bar Kit - CLK W209 - C W203

    Hello! For sale, a pair of Eibach uprated anti-roll bars, in good condition with matching polyurethane bushes. These were removed from a 2003 CLK 270 CDI. These are suitable for all engine variants of the W209 and W203. If there is a buyer for each, I will split the pair. £200...
  12. C

    Eibach Lowering spring for Vito W639

    [WANTED] Hi everyone, I'm looking for a rear Eibach 30mm lowering spring to fit a 2009 Vito 111. I've looked all over and can only find the sets of 4 but as they aren't that old i only want to replace the 1.
  13. J4miejenks

    H&R vs Eibach Pro w204

    Hi guys, Will be looking to get some lowering springs in the near future, the 2 sets I've seen so far are the H&R lowers approx 40mm and Eibach pro kit approx 30mm lower. I'm favouring the H&R set at the moment as I'd prefer the 40mm drop! Despite having eibach on all my previous cars...
  14. P

    Anyone ever changed their ARB for eibach ones?

    Just wondered if they will make a hole heap of difference really. My steed has seen a fair few thousand miles now so I'm going to look to replace the shocks and various bushes but then I thought about the body roll and if there was a way to reduce it. Mine an AG not a sport. I found that...
  15. A

    Eibach sportline springs for W202 and W208

    As above guys, Brand new in box Eibach Sportline springs which give a 45mm drop up front and 35mm rear if I recall correctly and fit both W202's and W208's. Bought for around £165 recently. Will take £130 collected or you arrange your own courier. As I say the box hasn't even been...
  16. C

    Eibach Pro Kit

    Just had my Eibach pro kit fitted today (30mm) drop on clk w209. I must say it's an absolute game changer, the handling has been transformed. It's now very procise and generally feels tighter not to mention improving the looks. I would total recommended it to any Clk owner!
  17. T

    Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs (Nearly New)

    Set of Eibach Pro Kit Sportline lowering springs part number E10-25-019-02-22. The springs lower the car by~30mm. Originally purchased for a W204 C-Class Mercedes. They were used for about 50 miles only. They were bought in Aug 2012, fitted in Sept 2012 and removed two weeks after fitment...
  18. Niks

    W124 Eibach Lowering Springs

    For sale is a set of Eibach pro-kit lowering springs for a W124 Saloon 1993 - 1995, E280/E320. Lowers front by 30-40mm Lowers rear by 30-35mm Good condition! £120 cash on collection or nearest offer. Brand new is £197 PM me for details. Thanks, Niks
  19. mazza

    Eibach pro kit lowering springs E2504 140

    Hi I have an Eibach pro kit lowering springs for sale. The kit is practically new, it was fitted and removed within weeks as it was not suitable for the vehicle. Details Eibach pro kit E2504 140 Lowers Car by: Front - 35-40 mm / Rear: 30-35 mm Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse (124C) Coupé 220CE...
  20. R

    Eibach B12 Lowering kit W210

    This seems to be a good deal Bilstein B12 Suspension Kit SE5-8177 Mercedes E Class W210 Saloon (06/97-06/99) | eBay
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