1. michaelk3289

    rust on my 210 rear arches and elec mirror issue

    Hello all, you may have seen my other post about new car (new to me) it needs some money spending on it one of my main gripes with the car is a faulty electric wing mirror the passenger wing mirror will not adjust electronically, interesting it will fold in electronically so it must...
  2. C

    C63 Service Intervals and Elec SH???

    Hello Guys. I am approaching a years ownership with my 2010 C63. Now previously with cars, i tended to just service my cars every year. (bare in mind i have had EVO's which require an oil change ALL the time). What should be the protocol with the C63? I have done about 3500 miles in that...
  3. N

    vito 638 elec mirrors?

    Could anyone tell me if all the electric wing mirrors on the mk1 vitos are heated. I cant tell by feeling mine as they have both have cheap stick on ones put over the originals.
  4. D

    Elec wing mirrors problems Ml270

    After reading some posts iv sorted my ml problems out however there is one thing I am still stuck on and hoping there is some one out there that could help me I have a ml 270 2002 facelift model I'm having problems with my electric wing mirrors Now the heated mirrors work a treat both...
  5. W

    CL500 215 trim help, seats + rear elec switches

    After placing a thread previously regarding non-functionality of the rear cabin elec window switches and front seat lumbars, I have come to the following conclusions: 1). Rear elec window switches - All wires on the RH door hinge check out okay, but after removing the rear ashtray, I can see an...
  6. chubbs111

    auto elec or ice expert needed

    sorry its not a merc my saab 2007 9-3 vector estate the front speakers were making a noise even with radio and ignition off,the noise stopped but now when i start car and put radio or cd on there is a hight pitch squeal that gets louder and louder for about 1 minute then the noise...
  7. BillyW124

    help, W124 coupe parcel shelf elec' roller blind cover...

    Folks, has anybody got a picture of the covering plate that goes on the rear parcel shelf to cover the the blind? Part number would be good if anybody is able to look it up? i have a w140 part number which will differ slightly but on the same tracks of what is intended for the 124? A...
  8. dvb247

    w163 2003 ML270 Elec smell in cabin thro heater

    My wifes 2003 ML270 has an issue that I can only think is something related to the heater, a couple of days ago we noticed a smell of burning 10 minutes into our journey, I messed with the heater controls, turned the heater off and back on and all okay for the remaining 2 hour journey, she's...

    2001 "S" Class O/S elec seat - question ?

    I bought a 2001 S class last night and i cant seem to get the seat base to rise into a higher position. Ive pushed the elec control for the seat base upwards but can only get the rear of the base to raise which turns the seat into a slide. Im sitting low in the car and dont like the driving...

    Tango 600 - elec car 60mph in 4 secs

    Who said electric cars were boring ? Qtr mile 12 secs 120 mph 0 - 60 mph 4 secs http://www.commutercars.com/performance.html
  11. M

    needed front elec windo switch

    needed a front elec window switch its an earliy one duble switch, its for a 190e 1989 pls help
  12. D

    elec windows - 73 280ce - what a load of Sh**TE!

    I have diagnosed a non working elec window to a broken wire as it goes into the motor, since then, i have tried soldering, glueing,aralditing and even mastic but to no avail! Araldite did the trick but because of way you have to get the motor and arm back into the door its broke off again! Is...
  13. lynall

    W210 black elec leather seats and trim

    Here mercedes-benz w210 black leather trim on eBay (end time 30-Jul-09 00:56:28 BST) Defo worth a look if you are close enough. Lynall
  14. login_user

    Need w209 wiring diagram for heated and elec mem front seats

    Hi Gents i'm retro fitting heated electric memory seats to my car with OE parts i just need a wiring diagram so i can see where it all connects to. Thanks:confused:
  15. login_user

    W209 elec mem seat + heating wiring diagram

    Hi, I'm retro fitting heated seats and passenger side electric memory seat using all OE parts but i need a wiring diagram to see where every thing goes. Thanks:confused:
  16. lynall

    W210 elec leather seat door cards

    Here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220351386918&indexURL=6&photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting Look pretty clean, plus as part elec seats only need a power supply to work as switchs on the seat sides:) . Lynall
  17. U

    E320 coupe rear elec window

    Hi, can any body advise as to how to change electric motor for rear window on my coupe as window has stopped working.Could it be anything other than motor?
  18. lynall

    W210 duo valve elec question

    Can anyone tell me when ign switched off does the duo valve shut up or stay in its last programmed position ie open or shut? Thanks Lynall
  19. T

    W124 front passenger elec. window mech - URGENT!!!

    I need the mech with motor as mine is missing a few teeth so window no shutting properly so need to replace before it rains. If anyone has one knocking about or breaking a W124 i can travel to pick up. I am coming from west london area. Needs to be good nick with no missing teeth and motor...
  20. N

    190 elec. window mechanisms.

    I have all four electric window motors & regulators from a 190E. £20 each, £10 shipping. If you need more than one I'll combine shipping. Collection is OK too. PM for piccies.
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