1. brens-e200

    w203 2002 elecric seat not working

    hi, a friends 2002 w203 drivers seat electrics are not working . I have verified that the ground and constant 12 volts exist but not the switchable 12 volts. I have verified the fuses and all ok. The passenger side works fine. I disconnected the loom as far as it would let me and while...
  2. J

    conundrum of elecric window

    Hi, Whats your thoughts on the following: passenger side electric window doesnt work, fuse isn't blown, can the switches wear out or is it as fatal as the motor knackered? thanks
  3. M

    Ml320 Elecric Seat Not Working

    Hello all, I have a 2000 model ML320. The passenger electric seat was working fine but has now stopped, i have swapped the switch onto the drivers side and the switch works fine on that seat. I looked at the fuse/relay box under the bonnet but cannot see a listing for a electric seat under...
  4. reflexboy

    Are my elecric windows linked to the ABS?

    About once a month my ABS warning light comes on. The next time I drive the car is isn't on and as it only occurs so infrequently I haven't done anything about it except clean the front ABS sensors. Today I noticed that whilst the ABS light was on, the one touch 'down' feature on the front...
  5. M

    w202 elecric windows/headrest

    Dear All, I have a w202 220D Elegance Auto, 1995. Over the last year the windows have stopped working, one by one. The relays still click and there is power to the motors. I have had the door panels off and cleaned all the runners and lubricated them with silicon spray. I...
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