1. grober

    Presidential Election [ MBClub]

    If you hadn't noticed the American Presidential election is tomorrow! Thought it might be interesting to see how MBClub members might vote. Leaving aside detailed US domestic issues rightly to citizens of the USA perhaps it would be useful to consider which candidate's election would...
  2. The Boss

    POLL - 2010 General Election

    that time has come around again to cast your vote.. the 2010 General Election.. May 6th 2010 so to get a feel, update the poll with your voting Intention.. Its a private poll, so dont worry.... ps - dont forget to attend your polling station tomorrow... this poll does not count - just...
  3. S

    Obama Won Election

    Just announced Obama Has won USA Elctions
  4. mark.t

    Election and ejection

    the person Jack Straw was talking about in his speech on Iraq had people ejected in the same way ...although they where shot as well.so we thank god for small mercys oh son of seven camels straw..http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4291388.stm
  5. D

    Channel 4 Progam on Labour Election Tactics

    Did anyone actually watch this last night? Rivetting stuff. Puts that well known phrase "I have listened..." into perspective. Makes me wish I'd never returned from Russia. Les
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